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How To Write A Compelling World War 2 Essay?

world war 2 essay

An essay on World War 2 is not something new. One would even say that it is the order of the day in most college assignments. But how exactly can one craft an exemplary World War 2 essay that will earn him/her higher grades than the others?

That is what we are going to delve right into in a few. As a soldier, keep alert, with your helmet on and gun corked for war.

Writing A World War 2 Essay

When writing a short essay about World War 2, there are a lot of factors that have to be bear in mind. They include the:

  • Structure,
  • Topic,
  • Diction, and
  • Essay format

A World War 2 essay introduction ought to provide a background basis for your argumentative essay. For instance, if you are writing a World War 2 propaganda essay, the thesis statement will enable the reader to understand your perspective. It is, therefore, important that the introduction should be captivating and act as a hook for your readers.

World War 2 essay questions are answered through a well-structured and formulated body. The body should provide examples and evidence that will adequately meet the expectations of the reader.

To help you with this, here are some bibliographical sources you can use to obtain relevant information on World War 2.

World War Two Bibliographical References

They include:

  • Heritage of New American History of World War II (1997)
  • Why the Allies Won (1995)
  • The Making of the Atomic Bomb (1986)

All these are reliable published sources that you can use to write your essay on World War 2. You can also watch documentaries, read news articles, or inquire from some of the surviving war veterans. Having a piece of rich background information enables you to write your essay in an easy to flow way while saving on time.

Was World War 2 good essay, is one of the controversial topics that will require you to dig more. The reason is that arguments for and against such an issue need to have convincing facts and figures.

We are now going to explore some topic ideas for an essay on World War 2.

Top 40 World War 2 Essay Topics

World War 2 is one of the areas with a rich source of information. Therefore, one can get over 100 topics on the same. For this article, we will only explore 40 of them that will trigger your mind to exploring more.

Causes of World War 2 Essay Topics

  1. How remilitarization of the Rhineland in 1936 caused world war 2
  2. Adolf Hitler’s contribution to the start of World War 2
  3. The US and Japan Naval war
  4. The violation of the 1919 treaty
  5. Why the United States refuse to join the League of Nations
  6. Did the League of Nations fail in its mandate to maintain world peace
  7. How did fascism contribute to World War 2?
  8. The Japanese empire expansion between World War 1 and 2
  9. The strengths and weaknesses of the policy of appeasement
  10. Events of World War 1 that resulted in the start of World War 2

Effects of World War 2 Essay Topics

  1. The development of science and technology
  2. The rise of the ideas of anti-fascism, anti-colonialism, democracy, and socialism
  3. International recognition of human rights in the UN Charter
  4. The partial nationalization of industries and banks
  5. How the worker’s powers expanded after World War 2
  6. The adoption of new democratic constitutions in some countries
  7. The renewal and democratization of state and public institutions
  8. The disintegration of the colonial system
  9. The intense fight for freedom by the colonial peoples
  10. The weakening of the position of countries

World War 2 Impact on Women Essay Topics

  1. How women assisted in gathering military intelligence
  2. The status of women in the armed forces
  3. The dangers women were exposed to in the war
  4. How countries saw women during World War 2
  5. Women changing the view of the military
  6. Life of women at home during World War 2
  7. How did the perception of women change in World War 2
  8. Women rights during the second world war
  9. The rise of the feminist movements during world war 2
  10. How women involved directly and indirectly in world war 2

Impact of World War on Culture and People Essay Topics

  1. Domestic violence
  2. Change in fashion
  3. Development of new family customs
  4. Addition of new words
  5. Change in nutrition
  6. Rationing of food
  7. New medicine
  8. Family customs
  9. Rise of resistant movements
  10. Family and friendships

You can think of more topics on World War from the ideas given above. Did you like this article? Then have a taste of our professional writing help on all your essay assignments today.

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