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Brave New World Essay: The Ultimate Writing Guide

brave new world essay

A Brave New World essay is an academic article majoring on citing a book that was written by Aldous Huxley. The setting of this book is a dystopian future that has genetically modified individuals living in a society whose hierarchy is intelligence-based. But, this book has more than what this description says. Nevertheless, the book is captivating with different themes. It’s, therefore, not surprising that it has been included in the curricula of most learning institutions.

Students at different academic levels are required to answer different Brave New World essay questions. Nevertheless, most questions require learners to provide critical analysis of the book. Some Brave New World essay topics require students to take a fictional approach. However, they also highlight valuable lessons derived from the book.

Before You Start Writing a Brave New World Essay

When asked to write this essay, the first thing a student should do is to remember that their job is to summarize and analyze. And, they should show this in their writing. Nevertheless, an essay on Brave New World should not be a big book synopis. Instead, it should be a critical analysis of the story and its overall significance.

It’s also crucial to consider the provided Brave New World essay prompts. Having the essay prompts in mind will help you to remain on course throughout the writing process. What’s more, you should have a thesis statement.

A thesis statement should appear in the Brave New World essay introduction and should tell readers what your write-up is all about. Stick to what your thesis statement tells readers you will be addressing in your write up. Additionally, make your write-up concise and avoid straying from your main points.

To make analyzing this book easier, focus on specific aspects of the book’s story. These can include characters, themes, and symbols in Brave New World. Nevertheless, your writing should always stick on what you’re instructor or teacher expects based on the provided prompts.

Focus on the Major Brave New World Themes

If asked to write a Brave New World theme essay, focus on a specific theme and address it extensively. This book cuts across different themes. The “freedom of an individual at the expense of community and stability” is one of the most common essay topics for Brave New World.

In this literature work, the motto of the government is “Community, Stability, and Identity”. Individuals have to conform to certain ways of thinking and living. Some form of hive mind situation.

But, this is challenged by a protagonist who needs individual expression. This is one of the themes that can be explored by addressing questions like:

  • Should community stability take precedence over individual freedoms?
  • Does the government have the right to control its people if that means happiness and stability for the community?

Examine characters in Brave New World

Your write up can also examine different characters in this book. This may include an examination of their background, motivations, and traits. You can also analyze their development and growth as the story unfolds.

The best approach is focusing on a single character at a time to make the write up more coherent. Nevertheless, the characters included in a Brave New World analysis essay should relate to the main character. The supporting characters you choose to include must have played a role in your main character’s story.

Format Your Essay Nicely

You may be asked to write a Brave New World soma essay or a 1984 and Brave New World comparison essay. However, make sure that your write up is interesting. One way to make your write-up interesting is by formatting it nicely.

But, how you format your essay depends on the provided instruction. If your teacher or instructor has already provided a format, stick to it. However, if you’ve not been given a format, be creative.

Before you start writing, ensure that the instructor is okay with your format. It’s not a must that you stick to the basic-style essay. You can come up with a Brave New World essay outline that resembles a letter or an interview. Ideally, explore different options when it comes to formatting your write up.

Choose Unique Topic

It’s easy to be tempted to settle for the obvious when choosing a thesis statement. Unfortunately, most students go for the obvious topics and statements when asked to write a Brave New World and 1984 essay. To stand a chance of scoring a better grade, pick a different and unique topic.

The most important qualifying criterion for a topic is to have supporting evidence. Nevertheless, don’t pick an extremely obscure topic that might be hard to get supporting material from the book.

Provide Additional Background Work

Apart from examining the Brave New World characters and analyzing themes, you can go beyond the book. For instance, you can include critiques of the book to show your understanding of the book and thoughts of other people in this novel.

Nevertheless, your additional background work should be aligned with your topic. For instance, if you’re writing a Brave New World technology essay, make sure that your background work helps in explaining technological innovations. This should also be the case when writing an essay on the Brave New World caste system. Our seasoned essay writers can help you with this challenging task.

When asked to write a Brave New World literary analysis essay, students shouldn’t panic. That’s because all a student is required to do is select a topic to expound in their write up. They should show an in-depth understanding of the topic by providing examples from Huxley’s book. Supporting evidence can be in the form of Brave New World quotes, as well as, traits and acts of the characters in the book. Just like with other essays, students should start with a first draft and refine it to ensure that it meets the required formatting and quality standards. Above all, students should show how the Brave New World ending supports or proves their argument in the essay.

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