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Discrimination Essay: Step-by-Step Writing Guide

discrimination essay

A discrimination essay focuses on a subject with serious implications in society. This write-up is often about a controversial matter. It mostly covers emotive themes and topics. In most cases, this writing dives deeper into the darkest aspects of human psychology. It also finds logical correlations in the judgment of individuals by other humans.

It’s, therefore, not surprising that some people use the phrase prejudice and discrimination essay to describe this form of writing. That’s because discrimination can describe prejudice and unfair treatment against a person or group based on their sexual preference, race, sex, gender, etc.

An essay on discrimination addresses such issues and their effects on society. However, you should dig deeper to understand the topic and come up with factual information. The goal of your writing is to tell the audience how a specific group is judged and discriminated against for being different. Oftentimes, members of a society discriminate against the individuals that are perceived as different or inferior. This topic can be closely related to police brutality we discussed earlier.

Common Types of Discrimination Essay

Discrimination comes in different forms. As such, there are different types of essays about various types of discrimination that educators can ask students to write about. Nevertheless, writing an essay on racism and discrimination is easy when you know the key principles of academic writing. Here are the major types of essay that you can be asked to write about this topic.

  • Essay about racial discrimination – This is a common type of essay on this topic. When writing this essay, you can opt to be general or specific. For instance, you can write racial discrimination in the workplace essay. In that case, you can talk about how people of a certain race are discriminated against at the workplace. For instance, you can talk about discrimination of Latinos and African Americans by White Americans at the workplace.
  • Gender discrimination essay – This is an essay that analyzes or explains how a certain gender is discriminated against in society. When writing an essay on gender discrimination, make sure that your gender doesn’t take preference and affect your content. Thus, gender bias should not reflect on your content.
  • Discrimination in the workplace essay – Workplace discrimination can be based on race, gender, or anything else. Therefore, decide on the angle to take when asked to write this essay. For instance, you can talk about how a certain group in your workplace is discriminated against for being different. Explain how this discrimination forms subsets in your workplace and thereby reduce the overall productivity.
  • Disability discrimination essay – The effects of discrimination against the individuals living with disabilities can be far-reaching on the people at the receiving end. Disabilities have made many people lose opportunities. But, increased awareness has enabled individuals living with disabilities to get more opportunities and better treatments across the world. An essay on disability discrimination can take a historical perspective. It can explain how individuals living with disabilities have been treated differently over the years. It can also explain why more should be done to give these people a better treatment and more opportunities.

There are other discrimination essay topics that students can be asked to write about. What’s more, every institution or faculty has unique guidelines that should be followed when writing the essay.

How to Write an Essay about Discrimination

Just like any other essay, this write-up should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. It should also be written after careful and thorough research. Here’s how to write this essay.

  1. Choose a topic – If you have not been assigned a specific topic, choose one that you find interesting. For instance, you can opt to write an LGBT discrimination essay if this topic is close to your heart. If you’re a female that has experienced gender discrimination, you may consider this topic for your essay.
  2. Research extensively – Once you’ve chosen a topic, conduct extensive research. Read reports and statistics of discrimination to ensure that you have enough evidence to support your argument.
  3. Formulate your arguments – Stake a stance on your topic and come up with a thesis statement. Also, consider the counterpoints to include in your essay. Discuss your main points from a different viewpoint to make your essay stand out.
  4. Write your essay – Make sure that each section plays its role effectively when writing the essay. For instance, the discrimination essay introduction should capture the attention of the readers. You can do this using statistics, reports, or case studies. The body should discuss the main points, arguments, and opposing views. The discrimination essay conclusion should wrap up everything logically.
  5. Proofread and edit – Don’t just submit the essay after writing. Instead, proofread and edit to eliminate all grammatical, typo, and factual errors. You can even ask somebody else to go through your essay and make recommendations.

Tips for Writing Racism and Discrimination Essay

Whether you’re writing a race discrimination essay or a transgender discrimination essay, you need to follow certain tips to come up with a masterpiece. These include:

  • Research broadly to provide sufficient evidence instead of basing your essay on your biased opinions
  • Analyze different cases of discrimination. You can even read great discrimination essay examples to know how to present your argument and supporting facts.
  • Plan your essay before you start writing. This will enable you to include all relevant information in your essay and ensure a smooth and logical flow.
  • Revise your essay after writing to ensure that you have included all the information you wanted. Make sure that your viewpoint comes out clearly in the essay.

Why Write a Discrimination Essay

Discrimination has a significant impact on the persons on the receiving end. It can lower the self-esteem of a person. In some cases, people have quit their jobs while others have contemplated suicide for being discriminated against. And, nobody deserves to be discriminated against on any basis whatsoever.

Writing an essay on racial discrimination, for instance, helps in exposing the evils of racists. This can prompt the authorities to take action against them. It can also deter would-be racists from discriminating against the minority races in the community.

When a person writes discrimination in education essay, they can help in ensuring equal access to quality education by all people regardless of their gender, race, or sexual orientation. Similarly, an essay about race discrimination can help in deterring prejudice and discrimination against people of certain races when seeking education and other services.

The Bottom Line

Almost everybody has been discriminated against at some point in life. That’s because discrimination comes in different forms. Writing a religious discrimination essay, for instance, reveals how humans discriminate against others in places of worship. This is not expected let alone being acceptable. Such an essay can highlight the evils that are being meted on others by the people that members of society expect to be guiding them.

Similarly, an age discrimination essay can be used to reveal moral decadency in society. For instance, old people should be taken care of and treated with the utmost respect. However, they are oftentimes discriminated against when seeking services by young people. Some young people see them as burdens and don’t want to associate with them. Thus, writing essays on such topics can help in revealing the moral rot in modern society. To get professional writing help, contact our essay writers.

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