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Top 100 Communication Essay Topics For A+ Students

communication essay topics

When students have to work on communication research topics, many get confused about what to do. As a student of communication and media, you can’t escape writing on a significant number of communication topics during your college years.

Considering that the communication discipline covers many complex and exciting communication topics, picking one of the communication topics for presentation shouldn’t be a problem.

However, it can be challenging to come up with possible topics for communication research on your own as a student. That’s why you have several online platforms, like this one, suggesting research topics in media and communication.

100 Communication Research Topics for College Students

There are several categories of mass communication research topics from which you can choose, such as health communication research topics, interpersonal communication research topics, intercultural communication research topics, etc. We have grouped the 100 topics into popular categories.

Check out the groups and various mass communication topics below;

Interpersonal Communication Research Topics

Interpersonal topics have to do with communication between two or more people. Some of the issues under interpersonal communication research paper topics include the following;

  1. What is the barrier to verbal communication and language?
  2. Effectiveness of nonverbal communication
  3. Gender is a factor affecting interpersonal communication
  4. The role of perception in interpersonal dialogue
  5. How important is listening in conversation?
  6. The impact of emotion on communication
  7. A study of self-discourse
  8. How culture influences interpersonal dialogue
  9. Exchange and persuasion of interpersonal information
  10. The concept of dysfunctional interpersonal communication

Business Communication Presentation Topics

These business communication topics have to do with the relationship between business and customers, corporates, investors, etc. Some business communication topics for research paper include;

  1. Dealing with uncertainty in organizations
  2. Business to Business Communication
  3. Public relation and corporate communication
  4. Guide to effective business communication
  5. Ethical and responsible investor relation
  6. Upward and downward communication: creating a balance
  7. Effective handling of external communication
  8. Change culture and management in an organization
  9. How social media influence the organization
  10. The benefits of the press to organizations

Intercultural Communication Topics

Intercultural communication topics have to do with the process by which meaning and messages are interpreted between cultures and how they affect interrelationship. Some intercultural communication topics include;

  1. The right approach to intercultural information exchange
  2. Practical methods for intercultural dialogue
  3. Teaching intercultural and cultural communication
  4. Studying abroad: factors of competence in intercultural dialogue
  5. Health-related challenges between ethnic-minority patients and healthcare providers
  6. How international students adapt to an American campus
  7. How artifacts impact intercultural information exchange
  8. Role of translation in intercultural dialogue
  9. Low-context cultures versus high-context cultures
  10. The effectiveness of intercultural assessment

Health Communication Research Topics

Health communication topics are concerned with reaching out to different groups and populations to exchange health-related ideas, methods, and information to influence and empower individuals, patients, policymakers, etc. to improve individual and public health outcomes. Some health communication topics include;

  1. Healthy living for senior citizens
  2. Preventative medicine for senior citizens
  3. Obstacles to smoking cessation
  4. Youth inactivity: causes and cure
  5. Relationship between mental stability and obesity
  6. Promoting healthy living through social media
  7. The attitude of nursing mothers towards immunization
  8. Standard preventive measures among health care workers
  9. The perceived benefit of pregnant women exercising
  10. Nutritional problems of children under the age of 15

Technical Communication Topics

Technical communication is the means of conveying scientific, engineering, and several other technical issues. It also discusses technology and provides instructions on how to do something technology-related. Some technical communication topics include;

  1. Role of technology in communication
  2. Impact of digital media
  3. How the airwaves truly liberates
  4. Competitiveness of the print media
  5. Traditional broadcasting versus modern-day broadcasting
  6. Virtual reality as the future of the media
  7. E-mail marketing and an increase in sales
  8. Technological tools for effective business communication
  9. How important is technology in marketing?
  10. Useful media tools for effective media communication

Organizational Communication Research Topics

Organizational communication deals with sending and receiving information between teams and individuals towards achieving common organizational goals. It has a few similarities with business communication topics for presentation but deals only with internal communication. Some organizational communication research topics include;

  1. Communication for effective corporate management
  2. Ways to manage communication uncertainty in organizations
  3. The methods of effective, professional, and clear writing at work
  4. Effectiveness of credible, timely, and continuous corporate communication
  5. Managing organization crisis through effective communication
  6. Effective horizontal communication
  7. Management and E-mail writing in the workplace
  8. How to create and sustain an organizational climate
  9. Ways to improve organizational communication
  10. Effective organizational communication index

Nonverbal Communication Research Topics

Nonverbal communication refers to the way we use body language and gestures to pass information. The nonverbal communication essay has to do with educating readers on the roles nonverbal communication plays in giving information. Some of the nonverbal communication research topics include;

  1. The purpose and effect of nonverbal communication in making sales
  2. How gender affects nonverbal communication
  3. Impact of technology on nonverbal communication
  4. Paralanguage and its use in everyday life
  5. Nonverbal cues as a means to communication attraction
  6. How to communicate appeal through nonverbal cues
  7. Projecting images through nonverbal communication
  8. The relationship between nonverbal communication and movement
  9. Effect of nonverbal communication on the receiver
  10. Influence of nonverbal communication on negotiation

Interesting Communication Topics

Communication is a fascinating and exciting field of study. However, students can easily get locked in the formal and supposed tedious aspects of communication essays. If you are looking for exciting communication topics, here are some examples;

  1. Social media in the modern world
  2. Freedom of speech and its impact on social media
  3. Accuracy of the media news
  4. The new trends in communication
  5. The growth of video blogs
  6. Influence of bloggers on social media
  7. How media differs in types and style
  8. Why is radio still prevalent in the modern world?
  9. Influence of chatting apps on face-to-face communication
  10. Effectiveness of video call for disseminating relevant information

Communication Phenomenon Research Topics

Communication phenomenon refers to the exchange of information from the communicator to the recipient. The means of communication can be by event, act, text, or conversation. However, the means of passing the information must be such that the recipient can decode the information.

Different communication phenomena have developed in recent years, forming a significant point of discussion. Some of the communication phenomenon topics include;

  1. New practice in communication technology
  2. The birth of media as we have known it
  3. The role mobile devices play in advert concept
  4. Advertising: traditional media versus social media
  5. Social interaction across the internet
  6. Marketing and social media
  7. Decrypting media messages
  8. Media and its shift from the status quo
  9. Fan-fiction and Fandom in media
  10. Video blogs as the new diaries

General Communication Speech Topics

While we can categorize most of the communication topics into groups, some issues are best not boxed under any category. That gives us the freedom required to discuss the matter to a great extent without the fear of talking out of context. Such topics are said to be general communication topics. Some general communication speech topics include;

  1. What is communication?
  2. What is the history of communication?
  3. Theories of communication
  4. When is communication said to be complete?
  5. The basic concept to understand communication
  6. The battlefield of the communication barrier
  7. Media policing and censoring
  8. The significant aspects of communication
  9. Communication ethics
  10. Barriers to verbal and language communication

It is also not enough to have suggestions for communication essay topics. There’s a need to know how best to approach the issues about communication and what you should do to write something good on communication thesis topics.

The good news is that you can find resources online. All that you need to present excellent communication topics for research is online. Therefore, take your time to research the facts and gather information about the topic you have chosen before you start writing.

There are also professional websites that offer excellent student essay service. Are you confused about how you’ll complete your essay? Then simply pick any of the communication essay topics as suggested above and ask for help. You’ll get professional writing assistance from an expert writer in the comfort of your home.

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