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How To Write The Best Health Essay

health essay

Your personal, academic, career, and every aspect of your life is pegged on your health. From life-threatening global epidemics to minor ailments, we are always on the race to stay healthy, more productive, and happy. To ensure you grasp and apply different aspects of wellness, your professor is likely, at some point, to ask you to write a health essay.

This post is a comprehensive guide prepared to help you understand how to write essays on health. It lists proven tips for writing the essays and finally outlines the top 16 health essay topics. Go ahead and use them as they are or tweak to suit your preference.

What is a Health Essay?

A health essay is a form of academic assignment where students are required to write about a specific area of health, from mental health to senior’s health.

Notably, health essays are common for students pursuing health careers such as nursing, surgery, and pharmacy in college. But it is not uncommon to find tutors outside the health niches asking their students to write health-related essays.

How to Write a Winning Health Essay

When a student is faced with the task of writing an essay about health, it is not uncommon to feel confused when staring at a blank laptop page. One of the best methods recommended by professionals is following the standard essay structure: introduction, body, and paragraph.

  • Introduction

In the introduction, you prepare the reader about the health concept you will discuss in the entire essay. Start the introduction with a hook statement to grab the reader’s attention. Good hook statements can include mind-boggling statistics, a question, or quotes. Some great health essay quotes examples include:

  1. “Without your health, you have got nothing going on. I thank God every day for good health” Ric Flair.

  2. “All money in this world cannot buy you back good health” Raba McEntire.

  3. “I was born with good health and a strong body and spent years abusing them” Ava Gardener.

  4. “A rite of passage in America when you turn 50 and have good health insurance is a colonoscopy” Bred Feld.

After the hook statement, introduce your essay briefly and close with a thesis. This is the argument that you will be trying to prove in the entire essay.

  • Body

In the body of your essay, you should discuss the main points in details. Here, you should organize the points well so that the essay flows from the start to the end. For example, if you are discussing a topic such as “HIV/AIDS in the US,” you might want to start by looking at the history, prevalence, transmission, and prevention programs. Make sure every point takes its own paragraph. Also, support your argument with evidence such as statistics and study reports, especially those from accredited institutions like CDC and WHO.

  • Conclusion

This is the last part of your essay. Here, you should start by restating the thesis. Make sure to use different words from those used in the introduction to avoid sounding repetitive. Then, summarize the main points. Note that in the conclusion, you should avoid adding new points other than those discussed in the paper.

Tips for Writing a Health Care Essay

  • Make sure to select a topic that you are interested in to avoid getting bored midway.
  • Start working on your health and fitness essay as immediately as possible. If you work the last minute, there is a danger of writing hastily and losing marks.
  • Start by writing a draft and finally refining it to make the best copy.
  • Proofread your essay well to remove clichés and unclear sentences.
  • Strictly follow your teacher’s requirements. These include the number of words, writing style, and referencing.

Hot Health Essay Topics

When faced with a health assignment, picking a topic is never easy. You want a title that is unique, interesting, and fun. To help you out, here are some hot topics that you can consider.

Mental Health Essay Topics

  1. Is cognitive therapy effective for addressing mental disorders?
  2. Evaluating the effect of antidepressants in treating depression.
  3. What are the common methods used for treating bipolar disorders.
  4. What are the causes of depression in adolescents?

Public Health Essay Topics

  1. What are the basics of a good health care system?
  2. Dangers of using untested healthcare methods: A closer look at the alternative medicine.
  3. Exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the US Medical Care System.
  4. Analyzing the effectiveness of E-health technology.

Controversial Health Essay Topics

  1. Cost of health care in the US: Is it fair?
  2. Should doctors be allowed to advertise some medication?
  3. Vaccination: Should it be mandatory?
  4. Surrogate pregnancy: What are the pros and cons?

Anorexia and Overweight Essay Topics

  1. What is the best way to manage anorexia?
  2. Causes of overweight in adolescence.
  3. The secret to addressing overweight is cutting your calories intake.
  4. Evaluating the success of programs used to address obesity in the last two decades.

When to Seek Writing Help

When it comes to writing an essay on importance of health or other areas, we are going to tell you plain truth; it can be an uphill task. A “how to stay healthy essay” requires you to use the latest materials, have top-notch writing skills and be timely. If you have other engagements, writing a health essay can turn out to be a serious nightmare. But there is a way out – seeking writing help from professionals. These are experts in different areas, have a lot of experience writing similar essays, and will go to every length to get you A-rated papers.

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