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Why My Vote Matters Essay: Quick Tips With Sample

Why My Vote Matters Essay

Whether you are a high school or college student, you will vote at one point for your class representatives or college leaders. That is why most lecturers would give their students an essay on “why my vote matters.” The intention of such a paper is not only to help students improve their writing skills. It is also for the instructors to gauge if the students understand the importance of such a process.

Therefore, we will explore some of the “why my vote matters” essay requirements in the expert sample below. I hope that you will get to draw the most out of it and also get inspired to craft one of your own.

Why My Vote Matters Essay Sample

“As we approach Election Day, the question in the minds of many is, “why does my vote matter?” Many citizens, students included grapple with this question because of the political trends in their countries. The legislative seats seem to be set aside for certain dynasties. In the end, this does not reflect the choice of the people. However, your vote matters despite all these unpleasant shortcomings.

First of all, voting is a democratic right of every citizen. The right to vote is in the constitution of almost every country under the sun. The vote you cast in that ballot reflects your voice. Therefore, declining to vote is suppressing your voice. With that single vote, you get to decide who to represent you in government or as your president. Mark you, all these people are vital in making critical resolutions that can either shape or destroy your country. It lets you find capable leaders who would spearhead the nation’s plan, such as development and uniting the people. You are thus in control of who gets to the national government, state government, and local government. You do this in recognition of the common factors that affect you and your desire to see them changed or improved.

Further, voting is a symbol of unity. Have you ever thought of how the rain falls in droplets, yet it is also to cause floods that wreak havoc in many places? Well, the secret lies in the unity of the single droplets. That is the same case when each of us individually comes out to vote during elections, whether at college or national level. When people work together, they can achieve more than it would have been with a handful of them. A better future would only be possible by the contribution of every voice in the nation which is necessitated by the votes cast. Understanding the essence of voting plays a significant role in enhancing this unity. Imagine the large numbers that would queue on the voting day from all prospects and walks of life if all of us went out to vote! It would show that although we all have different opinions, we can come together and arrive at an amicable decision.

When you step out to vote, you show pride in your country. There is nothing much more pleasing and thrilling as having pride in your country. Well, most people would say that playing for your country’s national team, lifting the country’s national flag, or participating in civic events is the only way to show pride. Voting does matter too. Because it is one of your country’s activities, participating in it would show how much you love your country. Let’s take this scenario, imagine your father brings home several t-shirts bearing the family’s name at the back. Everyone picks up one save for you. What message would that send to every other member of your family? They would take it that you don’t love your family and that’s why you didn’t pick a t-shirt for yourself.

In conclusion, your vote matters; it doesn’t matter how high or low your social class is in society. Whether you are physically disabled or fully fit, that is not an excuse to refrain from voting. Your vote is like a precious pearl to you and your country. So when the next elections come up, get out there and vote! Let your voice be heard in the making of your nation by that single vote. Do not let someone else decide who to lead you or make decisions for you in government. You can do it! It is possible!”

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