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How To Write An Article Review? Tips For Students

how to write an article review

What is an article review? An article review describes a type of writing that examines and summarizes studies that have been previously published, without reporting new facts or analysis. Article reviews are written to give a better understanding of an already existing article. An article review should provide an overview of a topic and logically evaluate the central theme of the article. So, are you ready to know how to write an article review?

How To Write An Article Review

So you want to know how to write a review article? Writing a review article could be a daunting task. It has some common features with synopsis writing, but it’s very different. Many people find writing a review article to be very complicated, and the reasons are not far-fetched. Fear not, however, because, in this article, we will provide you with an article review template that can never go wrong. Ready to see the basic outline on how to write a review of an article and also an example of an article review? Let’s explore!

How To Review An Article

There are two main stages of writing an article review. The article review sample writing guide follows the APA Article Review format. We will show you everything you need to know about how to write an article review. Here’s how to start an article review!

Stage A: The Preparation stage

The preparation stage is a six-step process of writing an article review.

  1. Understand the subject of the article review

    You should be aware that your audience is knowledgeable about the subject matter, and hence, only a summary of the main ideas in the article is necessary. Note that:

    • The review does not need you to do new research as it is solely a response to the author’s research
    • The review gives an evaluation and summary of the article
  2. Understand how it is organized

    You need to comprehend how to organize your review to the reader’s taste.

  3. Preview the article

    Look at the content of the article and read through the first few paragraphs. Now, read the conclusion to grasp the main argument and point of the author.

  4. Carefully read the article

    Now, read the article carefully over and over again, each time, making copious notes on the essential sections and ideas. Highlight the central points and facts.

  5. Put down the article in your words

    Write all the essential points from the article accurately. Make it clear, logical, and in your own words.

  6. Create your evaluation outline

    Evaluate the article by identifying the significant aspects of the article, such as the contributions to the field, areas to be improved upon, etc. Indicate the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the article.

Stage B: Writing the review article

This stage comprises seven steps:

  1. Write the title

    Article reviews could be descriptive, declarative, or interrogative, depending on the focus of your review.

  2. Cite the article

    Write the article citation after the title in the recommended style. Here’s an example for how it is done in an MLA citation: John Snow. “The Universe of Wakefulness.” Virginia Quarterly 50.2(1996);125-85. Print.

  3. Article Identification

    Here, you state:

    The title of the author, the Author, the title of the journal, and the Year of publication. This information should come in the first paragraph.

    It should look something like this: The report, “Poverty increases the rate of school dropouts,” was written by Adams Smith, a health officer in 2009.

  4. Write the introduction

    The introduction includes the central theme of the article and starts with the identification sentence. When writing an introduction:

    • Avoid writing in the first person (“I”)
    • Write the overall impression of the article in a formal academic style, using the third person (“he or she”)
    • Let the introduction take about 10-25% of the whole review

    For example, you could write that: “Although the author states many excellent points in the article, it contains some misinterpreted data and biases from the analysis of other authors on the reasons for school dropouts.”

  5. Write the summary of the article

    Write the fundamental points, assertions, and opinions in your own words. Show how the article supports its claims and end the review with the conclusion. Things to note here:

    • Write the review in several paragraphs
    • Include specific examples, background information, or statistics that are familiar to the experts in the field
    • Ensure you write the main points of every section
    • Sparingly use direct quotes from the author
    • Read your summary over and over, correcting every mistake on each read.
  6. Write the critique

    In this step, you will:

    • State in your opinion how well the author addressed the topic
    • State in your opinion how comprehensive and useful the subject in the article was explained.
    • Suggest the contributions and significance of the article to the field
    • State if there are biases
    • State if you agree with the writer or not. Give reasons for your stand
    • State the audience type that would benefit from reading the article
  7. Write the conclusions

    Give the summary of the major points in a paragraph and state what your think about the article’s accuracy, clarity, and significance. Also, comment on the implications of the study, if relevant. The conclusion should take only about 10% of the entire article review. The article review format includes the following:

    • The title page
    • Your name
    • The date
    • The introduction
    • The body
    • The Conclusion

What Is A Peer Review Article

A peer review article is an article written by experts and reviewed by several other experts in the field before publishing the article in the journal. Peer-reviewed articles are usually of very high quality.

How To Write A Critical Review Of A Journal Article

A journal article review is written by experts about specific topics in an academic publication. In writing the critical review of a journal article, evaluate the areas of strength and weaknesses of the ideas and content represented in that article. This critique provides description, analysis, and interpretation that enables the reader to assess the article’s value. You can follow the steps outlined in Stage B, Step 6 above.

How To Review A Research Article

A research article review is a review based on an experiment or study. Here, there’s a methodology section that tells the experiment set up, the experimental process, a separate part for the result, discussion, and conclusion. This review type is common in a science article review.

Law Review Article

Law review articles are scholarly publications that law students and faculty members edit. These article types contain both short essays and lengthy articles written by professors and lawyers. It also contains comments, developments, or notes in the law written by students.

So here we are! We bet you now know how to write a article review. With the article review tips given, you can see how easy it is to write one. Ready to provide a brilliant attempt? Let’s do it together with our essay writers!

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