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120 Evaluation Essay Topics You Shouldn’t Ignore

evaluation essay topics

It is the nature of man to seek the second opinion of different things. A lady may buy a dress, and the moment she puts it on, she will ask for the view of her friends on how she looks. The story is the same for a car, a book, a series, or a restaurant.

All this is in a bid to determine the quality of a product. An evaluation essay, therefore, finds its place here.

So, what is an evaluation essay?

It is a piece of writing aimed at enabling one to arrive at a product’s quality which is of interest to them.

In this piece, we explore more than 100 topics for an evaluation essay. Let’s journey together:

Top Education Evaluation Argument Topics

  1. Evaluate the performance of day and boarding schools
  2. Examine the international system of learning compared to local ones
  3. Consider students in a developing country.
  4. Analyze the performance of students in sciences and languages
  5. Male versus female teacher
  6. Evaluate the student’s motivation in class.
  7. Examine the increased number of school dropouts
  8. Assess the school uniform for students in your country
  9. Which is the best institution of higher learning to attend?
  10. Analyze the impact of e-learning versus a physical classroom
  11. Evaluate the use of technology in education
  12. Evaluate the differences between colleges and universities
  13. Analyze the importance of scholarships to students
  14. Evaluate the level of a lecturer.
  15. Which is the best time to study
  16. Evaluate how educational TV Programmes compare to those of radio
  17. Difference between long and short holidays
  18. Harvard and Oxford. Which is the best university of them?
  19. School bus versus a public means of transport
  20. Between chemistry and Physics, which is the best subject?

The Best Evaluation Essay Topics For Sports

  1. Manchester United and Arsenal, which is the best
  2. African versus European athletes
  3. Between male and female soccer matches, which one attracts the most audience?
  4. Football match on TV versus life
  5. Analyze why most people follow the English Premier League than any other
  6. Messi versus Ronaldo
  7. Judge the football team with the best Jersey
  8. Evaluate the performance of a coach.
  9. Volleyball versus Badminton
  10. Analyze the last UEFA finals match
  11. Between Real Madrid and Barcelona, which is the best Spanish team?
  12. Evaluation essay on winter versus summer games
  13. Assess if the number of fans matters for a match
  14. Is golf played in all corners of the earth?
  15. How does a football match’s first half compare to the second half?
  16. Judge the latest stadiums in the world
  17. Which is the best place to run a marathon?
  18. What’s the difference between the officiating of netball and basketball?
  19. A critical evaluation of previous world Olympic games
  20. Reflect on methods used by players to remain fit

Functional Evaluation Essay Topics on Technology

  1. Which is better between a laptop and an iPad?
  2. Evaluate the different network providers in your area
  3. Between Facebook and Twitter, which is the best socializing platform?
  4. What are the merits and demerits of an android phone
  5. Which mobile phone has the best camera pixels?
  6. A comprehensive evaluation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  7. Analyze the interface of Google Chrome versus Mozilla Firefox
  8. Merits and demerits of the 5g network
  9. Cloud computing or physical servers?
  10. How best is online advertising compared to billboards
  11. The best OS between Windows and Linux
  12. Evaluate between the Kaspersky and Avast antiviruses
  13. Which is the best to install an OS, a CD or a flash disk
  14. Compare between the laptop and the desktop.
  15. How efficient is e-publishing over desktop publishing?
  16. Analyze the trend of the music industry with technology
  17. How efficient are robots in performing tasks compared to humans
  18. Recent cyber-crime laws
  19. Which is the best gadget for video games?
  20. How effective is technology in teaching?

Health Topics for Evaluation Essays

  1. How chemical and herbal medicines compare
  2. Evaluate the Spanish Flu and the Corona Virus
  3. A critical analysis of the best cancer hospitals
  4. Between soap and sanitizer, which is the best?
  5. Spread of infectious diseases in Africa and Europe
  6. Evaluate how a mild symptom differentiates from a severe
  7. Tablets and injections: An analysis of the two
  8. Which is the best family planning method
  9. Are French fries good for your health?
  10. Analyze the amount of water needed for a healthy body
  11. How modern laboratories have improved research
  12. Are there more male or female doctors?
  13. Malaria in African versus European
  14. Medicine and religion
  15. Analyze a theatre and ICU
  16. Cancer and HIV
  17. Children versus parents
  18. When life can be ended
  19. Virus versus bacteria
  20. Dry cough and sore throat

Easy Evaluation Essay Topics on Family

  1. divorce in the family
  2. Long-distance relationships
  3. Young parents
  4. Monogamy
  5. Online dating
  6. Children physical punishment
  7. Nuclear family
  8. Polygamy
  9. Bride price
  10. Single parents

Interesting Evaluation Essay Topics on Business

  1. A local company
  2. Company’s performance
  3. Real estate market
  4. Performance of stock market
  5. Brand marketing strategy
  6. Technology product trends
  7. Effects of base interest rates
  8. Oil prices
  9. Market sustainability
  10. Competition

Fantastic Evaluation Topics on Government and Politics

  1. Coalition government
  2. Vibrant lawmakers
  3. Reducing VAT
  4. Presidential campaigns
  5. Party manifestos
  6. Electoral systems
  7. Metropolitan cities
  8. Cabinet reshuffles
  9. The lower and upper house
  10. Devolution governments

Evaluation Essay Topics on Literature

  1. Imagery use
  2. The choice of words
  3. Characterization in a novel
  4. Play endings
  5. Plot
  6. Element of time
  7. Music as a style
  8. Hyperbole
  9. Use of juxtaposition
  10. Ironical gestures in a play

With the above examples, you can select one and start practicing on writing an evaluation essay. However, in case you still can’t figure out how to craft an excellent paper, even with an evaluation essay sample, not all hope is lost. We offer professional custom essay writing help. Let our experts assist you!

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