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The Kite Runner Essay Writing Tutorial

the kite runner essay

As his very first novel, The Kite Runner by Khalid Hosseini launched to worldwide critical acclaim in a matter of months. It details the societal and cultural events immediately following the fall of Soviet rule and the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan. It sat atop the New York Times list for best books for over 2 years and gained popular esteem in book clubs throughout the U.S. and U.K. If it wasn’t for the book, one can claim that many would not have known the impact destructive wars have had in Afghanistan.

Why is the Kite Runner Essay Such a Popular Assignment?

Many people ask “Is the Kite Runner a True Story?” and it is technically a work of fiction. However, Hosseini does draw from real life experiences and paints this work of fiction as realistically as possible – considered much as a modern historical fiction where the characters and events could very well have happened accordingly.

I Have to Write a Kite Runner Essay: Now What?

The Kite Runner book will likely be something you encounter anywhere between high school and grad school. As described above, there are clear reasons why it makes for a popular assignment. Educators choose this book because it challenges students to think creatively when considering a cultural world most would know very little about. Some of the most popular topics are listed below:

Kite Runner Essay Topics

  1. Themes in Kite Runner – Redemption is a major theme throughout the story and it affects the way the major characters interact with one another as well as how they interact with minor characters they encounter as the plot unravels. How does this them change from the start to finish?
  2. Symbols in the Kite Runner – Of the many symbols in the novel (and subsequent film) no two have been discussed more than Hassan’s cleft lip and Amir’s kite. How does the author use these two symbols to speak to each character’s struggles, wants (i.e., desires) and personalities?
  3. Characters in the Kite Runner – Hassan and Amir are the two central characters in the story but each represents a different element when it comes to how they fit in the world that surrounds them. How do these two juxtapose with what we know about their country’s violence and dangers?
  4. The Kite Runner summary – Many summaries in literature take the easy route out. What they do is simply describe and repeat what every reader of a novel knows. With this book new questions are approached and as such greater literary critiques can be made. What is yours?
  5. Critical appeal for the Kite Runner – Among the novels released in the year, Khalid Hosseini’s novel experienced critical success from beginning to end. But it also presented many views of life in Saudi Arabia that many did not know about. What impact did the novel have in your region of the world?

Universal Writing Techniques

In order to write a great essay on The Kite Runner there are some universal techniques you should follow. These are the most commonly used methods employed by professional writers and will prove to be what you value as you write your essay:

  • Re-read and Take Great Notes
  • You aren’t going to catch every theme or metaphor in a single read; you can, however, find more to write about and reference if you read the novel a second time and take excellent notes. Make margin notations and always have notepaper nearby.

  • Choose or Develop a Topic
  • We’ve already provided a list of really good essay topics above, however, you should certainly decide on something you are really interested in and writing about it. Brainstorm. Look back at your notes and think of expanding on the details that caught your interest.

  • Create an Outline and Write a Draft
  • Once you’ve got a great idea in your head and can reference notes, establish a thesis and make an outline of your best arguments. Use this outline as you write the first draft. Your work doesn’t have to be perfect. You simply need to get your thoughts down on paper.

  • Revise Your Argument and Draft
  • How many times have you written an essay and then re-thought your arguments? This is the reason why revision is important. Put your paper away for a couple of days and then come back to it to have a fresh look. Make corrections to your draft and restructure your argument.

  • Edit and Proofread Before Submittal
  • Finally, we’re getting to the end. But there is still some important work to do: editing and proofreading. These two activities are essential to creating an assignment that deserves the highest scores. Take your time when doing these things and you are sure to get an A+.

The Kite Runner essay assignment should aim to push the limits of conversation by rethinking existing issues or introducing new topics of conversation. As with most literary works, just like Animal Farm, there is an unlimited number of things to write about, so don’t be afraid to take the plunge by bringing your ideas and opinions to the forefront. There will always be someone ready and willing to listen to what you have to say.

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