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Gun Control Essay: Writing Tips To Surprise You

gun control essay

The term gun control refers to the various policies and gun laws that regulate everything related to the utilization of firearms by civilians. The number of people who are applying to own these firearms has been on the rise. Also, there have been several cases where civilians misuse firearms. No wonder you will find several tutors requesting students to write gun control essays. It is one research essay topics that you can score highly as long as you know what you are doing.

The History of Gun Control in America

The first important thing to include in your gun control essay is a brief description of Guns in America. You will discover that the pervasive gun culture that is in the United States stems from the second amendment of the constitution. It states that the right of citizens to bear and keep arms shall not be infringed in a well-regulated militia as it is necessary for the security of a free state. Currently, the US has the highest total number of guns globally. You should not fail to include these points in your gun control argumentative essay. There is a hot debate on the subject of gun control because it involves issues of both personal defense and violence.

The Effects of Easy Availability of Guns in Countries with Gun Rights

This section is also crucial when doing your gun control research. Most people argue that the availability of guns is a significant contributor to the high rate of gun violence. Those who advocate for strict gun laws believe that government entities should regulate guns more. On the other hand, those who support for less gun control believe that such measures take away fundamental human rights and securities. Thus, you need a gun control argumentative essay that will discuss the two schools of thought to make your academic essay interesting. If your essay is on a special region like Florida, make sure you argue for and against Florida gun laws.

Components of a Winning ‘Against Gun Control Essay’

The first thing that you need to do when writing a gun control essay is determining whether it will be persuasive or analytical. In an analytical gun control essay, you will make a general claim about gun control before presenting a balanced analysis on this topic. If you choose to write an argumentative gun control essay, you will take a position against and for gun control and use relevant evidence that you draw from research to support your ideas. In both cases, you will gather several anti-gun control facts to support your ideas. You need to follow the basic structure of any essay when writing the anti-gun control essay. These include the introduction, body, and conclusion sections.

The Introduction of Your Gun Control Essay

The best gun control essay has to begin with an introduction. You have to define your topic in this section and this is the key fact or idea that is related to gun control. The introduction of the essay should have general information about the subject that you are writing about. It should open the fact or statement that is related to gun control. It is good to grab the attention of your readers in the first sentence.

The introduction section should always have the thesis statement. This is a single sentence that you use to share the purpose of the essay with the reader. When dealing with an argumentative gun control essay, this statement should identify your position on the issue.

The other thing that you could include in this section is how many guns are in the US. These statements will show that you know what you are about to discuss in the body section. The introduction forms close to 10% of the total essay.

The Body of Your Essay

In this section, you will analyze a topic that is related to gun control in present your information in a logical sequence. The body forms the largest component of your essay. It can be as long as your research topic or assignment. The body of the essay forms close to 80% of the entire document.

The basic essay structure requires you to have one topic for every paragraph. Some of the things you can discuss in the various paragraphs include how old do you have to be to buy a gun, why gun control is good, and pro con gun control issues. Don’t combine several ideas in a single paragraph. It is good to keep your focus on a single idea and one piece of supporting evidence.

You can begin with a topic sentence in every body paragraph. It will help you to explain the main idea that you will be presenting in the paragraph. Make sure that every paragraph transitions to the next one to allow the reader to follow it easily. Present all your ideas in a logical manner.

The Conclusion

In this section, you will summarize the main ideas that you mentioned in your gun control essay. You can repeat the main ideas from the introduction but using different words. The conclusion needs to be the synthesis of the information that you shared in the whole essay. It should range between three to five sentences and form approximately 10% of the total essay. Check more expository essay topics to help you get excellent grades.

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