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Problem Solution Essay Topics: The Ultimate List

problem solution essay topics

So, you’ve just been asked to write a problem solution essay. Or perhaps you are preparing for the IELTS test. In any case, learning how to write a problem solution essay the right way is not as difficult as you might think. We know most students are scared of this type of assignment. We also know that you are also probably scared of the IELTS test. This is precisely why we have consulted with our seasoned academic writers and have written this lengthy blog post about this type of essay. If you read our blog to the end, you will find answers to all your questions. You’ll learn what a problem and solution essay is, where you can get examples, what the best structure is, the importance of unique topics, and even a list of 101 fresh problem and solution essay topics. Also, we’ve put together a nice little guide that will walk you through the process of writing such an academic paper quickly and efficiently.

What Is a Problem Solution Essay?

Before we show you our excellent list of good problem solution essay topics, let’s make sure you understand what this essay really is. After all, if you don’t understand what you need to achieve with your writing, you will never be able to do a good job. Basically, a problem solution essay is a type of academic paper that considers a specific problem and then presents one or more ways to solve it. It is quite similar to the cause and effect essay. In many cases, the problem is given to you as a prompt and you need to find the best solution (or solutions). Some students refer to this assignment as an “essay problem solution.”

Getting Some Good Problem Solution Essay Examples

The best way to see exactly what you need to do is to, of course, read at least one good problem solution essay example. And by good we actually mean excellent. We know it can be quite difficult to find some good examples, but we are prepared to help you. You should start on the Internet. There are various websites that contain very nice examples of this type of academic writing. You may also be able to get some interesting samples from your teacher. Remember to never use any part of something you find online or you receive from your teacher in your own writing. It is called plagiarism and it will get you into serious problems.

Perhaps the best way to get some perfectly-written problem solution essay examples is to contact an academic writing company. Experienced, professional writers can write a couple of problem and solution essay examples for you in no time! And remember, you can use parts of the problem solution essay sample in your own writing if you ordered it from a writing company. Nobody will ever know.

The Best Problem Solution Essay Structure

Now that – presumably – you have the best problem solution essay example college students need, and you’ve carefully analyzed it, it’s time to talk about the best structure for such a paper. There are basically two ways to write such a paper, but we will only be discussing one of them: the chain structure. It is by far the cleanest and clearest of the two. Here is how the problem solution essay structure looks like if you use the chain structure (highly recommended):

  1. The Introduction – one paragraph where you paraphrase the question and introduce the problem and the solutions that will be discussed in subsequent paragraphs.
  2. Body Paragraph #1 – this is where you introduce the problem (first sentence) and then give as much details about it as possible. Also don’t forget to include an example of the issue at the end of the paragraph.
  3. Body Paragraph #2 – this is where you introduce the solution (first sentence) and then explain it. Give as much detail as possible about the solution and don’t forget to end the paragraph with a relevant example.
  4. Conclusion – you simply make a summary of the most important talking points and then let your readers know what you think is very important (or perhaps wrap everything up with a strong recommendation).

This is how your problem solution essay outline should look like. If you would like to present more than one solution, add one of more body paragraphs. However, make sure you don’t exceed the maximum word count.

The Importance of Interesting Topics

You now have a general idea how the problem solution paper should be written. You are probably eager to try it! The only thing you need to master now is the process of finding amazing problem solution essay topics. As you probably already know, a captivating, unique topic will instantly captivate the attention of your audience (or your professor). And yes, you will get bonus points for an amazing topic. It shows that you’ve really did your best to come up with something original – and this is something most professors really appreciate. So yes, problem solution essay topics are very important! Worried? There’s no need to be worried, as we have 101 different topics for you right here.

101 Free Problem Solution Essay Topics for Students

We know you want the best problem solution essay topics list on the Internet. So here it is (this list is updated periodically to include up-to-date topics):

Relationship Topics

  • The prevention of bullying on social media.
  • The solution to helping a depressed person.
  • Here is how you deal with a manipulative person.
  • The best solution to a bad relationship.
  • How does one move out of the dreaded “friend zone”?
  • The best solutions to racism and stereotypes.
  • Texting is replacing real-life interaction. Here is the solution!
  • Can cheating be prevented?

Social Media Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Can we improve privacy in our digital life?
  • Cyberbullying is a serious problem today.
  • Social media interactions are replacing real-world interactions.
    How do you get more Facebook friends?
  • Becoming an influencer on Instagram.
  • Facebook should filter comments for foul language.
  • Solving the terrorism problem on Facebook.

Social Problems

  • Here is how you can help homeless people.
  • Helping the victims of family violence in the United States.
  • Illegal immigration has a simple solution.
  • The problem of terrorism has a simple solution.
  • Here is how you can help a person get a job.
  • Preventing pregnancy in high school teens.
  • Can you prevent a divorce? How?

Education Essay Topics

  • Can college be much more affordable?
  • Solving problems with roommates in college.
  • Here is how you decide on your major.
  • Avoiding procrastination is not as difficult as you think.
  • The solution to bad grades in school.
  • Here is how we can make our school safer.
  • Relieving stress in school. (one of the best problem solution essay topics for college students)
  • The problem of homesickness in college students.
  • Should you join a fraternity?

Climate Change and the Environment

  • The solution to the global warming problem.
  • How do we prevent the destruction of forests?
  • Poaching should be punished more harshly.
  • Solving the flooding problem.
  • How can we prevent water pollution?
  • How can we prevent air pollution?
  • Deforestation can be stopped right now!
  • Reversing climate change is possible.

Crime Topics

  • Solving the gun violence problem.
  • Can we prevent real estate fraud?
  • The simple solution to gangs.
  • How do we fight white collar crime?
  • Wrongful imprisonment has a simple solution.
  • We must stop police brutality.
  • Corporations must be stopped from acting illegally with impunity.
  • The solution to racial conflicts.
  • Here is how we can fight cybercrime.

Economic Issues

  • Averting an economic crisis.
  • Here is how you prevent money laundering.
  • The best solutions for bankruptcy.
  • We can quickly reduce consumer debt
  • Here is how inflation can be kept under control.
  • We can raise our tourism rates.
  • Technology can reduce the amount of waste we generate.
  • How do we solve the unemployment problem?
  • Solving the problem of monopolies.

Political Problems

  • Piracy can be stopped quickly.
  • How can we stop human trafficking?
  • How politicians can increase the number of votes.
  • The government should make education cheaper.
  • Diplomacy can reduce military interventions.
  • We must control the sources of political campaign financing.

Health Problems

  • Solving the obesity problem in the US.
  • What can you do about high blood pressure?
  • Can atherosclerosis be treated?
  • Gastric ulcers can be kept under control.
  • The simple solution to bloating.
  • The simple solution to gastric ulcer.
  • How to rid yourself of an addition (drug, alcohol, etc.)

Poverty Problems

  • Solving poverty decreases crime rates.
  • We should all have health insurance.
  • The solution to illiteracy.
  • Stopping people from drinking too much.
  • Breaking the link between drugs and poverty.
  • Does serving prison time lead to poverty?
  • Prisoners can be rehabilitate and reintegrated in society.

Sports Topics

  • Here is how you, as a coach, can encourage your athletes.
  • Handling an interview after losing a game.
  • Football players are getting paid too much. The easy solution.
  • Children are training too hard, and there is a simple solution for it.
  • Limiting the use of steroids in sports.
  • College athletes are not paid, but they should be.
  • Here is how attendance to a sports event can be significantly increased.

Transportation Topics

  • Here is how you make people better drivers.
  • How do we solve the texting while driving problem?
  • Using public transportation is more efficient.
  • How can we make driving less stressful?
  • The best app to plan your trip.
  • Why a GPS is a must-have.
  • How do we prevent people from running red lights?
  • Preventing DUI. The best solution!

Technology Topics

  • Solving the Internet problem in rural areas.
  • Cyberbullying has a quick and simple solution.
  • Playing videogames can be an addiction.
  • We need more supercomputers.
  • How can we get to Mars in 5 years? (one of the best topics for problem solution essay)
  • The Internet is a dangerous place.
  • Wiping out the dark web.
  • Solving the drug problems on the Internet.
  • The way we can deflect and asteroid on a collision course

Quick Guide on How to Write a Problem Solution Essay Quickly

Finally, let’s show you how to write a problem solution essay quickly. This is the preferred process for most academic writers, frankly. The basic process is this:

  1. You start by finding an excellent topic for problem solution essay. This is the step where you write the thesis statement as well.
  2. You then start researching the topic. What you want to do is create an outline from your findings, using the structure we presented above. This way you will never forget about something important.
  3. You carefully write each section of the essay until you have the initial draft. You should write the body paragraphs first and only then the introduction and conclusion.
  4. You revise the paper at least twice until it presents everything in great detail. It should also flow smoothly (don’t forget to use transition words and phrases between paragraphs).
  5. You proofread everything. We really mean it! Proofread at least twice to make sure you don’t get penalized for a couple trivial mistakes or “slips.”

And this is how you write a problem solution essay in just 5 steps. In most cases, it won’t take you more than 5 or 6 hours to do a perfect job. But remember, your problem solution essay ideas play a very big role. Good luck!

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