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101 New Persuasive Essay Topics (Updated for 2022)

persuasive essay topics

You probably know what a persuasive essay, especially considering the fact that you are looking for persuasive essay topics. This is why we won’t delve into more details about this type of writing assignment. We will discuss why persuasive essay topics are so important, why you need original ones, and where to get some quality topics for your next paper. Also, we have asked our professional writers to come up with a list of persuasive speech topics (updated for 2022). We ended up with 101 topics that you are free to use however you like. This means you can take our persuasive speech topics and use them as they are or reword them. In other words, our 101 persuasive speech topics for college are completely free. Anyone reading this blog post can use them!

Why the Need for New Persuasive Essay Topics?

You may not understand just how important the topic is for your essay. Why do you absolutely need interesting persuasive speech topics? Because you will get bonus points instantly. Think about it this way: your professor is bored. He has read essays on the same couple of topics over and over again. And then, all of a sudden, he stumbles upon one of two interesting persuasive essay topics. What do you think your professor will do? He or she will give bonus points to those students, of course! Wouldn’t you like to be one of those fortunate few?

This is precisely why it is so important to find original, interesting topics. For example, our list of persuasive speech topics for college students is new and all the topics have been hand-picked. These academic paper topics will almost certainly win you some points. And don’t forget that you can change the wording of our topics to fit your needs.

Things to Avoid When Looking for Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

We know you have probably searched high and low for persuasive topics for your next essays. However, keep in mind that there are some places where you should never pick topics from. The first couple of results in Google are the websites from where most students get their ideas. Chances are 10 of your classmates will have the same topic as you, if you choose topics from popular websites. Also, avoid getting good persuasive speech topics from shady websites. In most cases, you will be offered a download. If you download and open the file (it may be disguised as a Word document or an archive), you risk getting infected with viruses and other malware. You may lose everything on your computer, so be warned! Instead of taking any risks, why don’t you simply use our persuasive speech ideas? You don’t have to download anything; they’re right here, below!

The 101 Persuasive Writing Prompts (Updated for 2022)

To help out students who can’t find a good topic for their next essay, we have put together a list of interesting persuasive speech topics. Here are the 101 topics you can use for free to get a top grade on your next paper:

Easy Topics

1. Exams don’t show a student’s real potential.
2. Junk food should be prohibited around schools.
3. The Internet changed our lives.
4. Boys and girls should be in different classes.
5. Children’s healthy diet is their parents’ responsibility.
6. Adults over 18 should be allowed to drink alcohol.
7. Breastfeeding should be prohibited in public places.
8. Children under the age of 10 should not be allowed to have pets.
9. Advertising in schools must be prohibited.
10. President Trump should be impeached.

Difficult Persuasive Speech Topics

1. The sex orientation of humans is determined during their childhood.
2. All adults should be allowed to carry lethal weapons.
3. Same-sex marriages should be banned in the US.
4. Why capital punishment is a crime in itself.
5. Palestinians should have their own state.
6. Israel should be forced to abandon illegal settlements.
7. Illegal immigrants must be deported immediately.
8. Religion has been the main cause of most conflicts to date.
9. Secret service should be prohibited from targeting Americans on US soil.
10. The middle class suffers under the current tax system.

Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

1. High school athletes are full of stereotypes.
2. Being a great athlete does not make you a great coach.
3. Male athletes are more likely to get injured than female athletes.
4. The best way to relieve stress in sports.
5. Energy drinks give some athletes an unfair advantage.
6. Chess should be considered a sport.
7. Women should not be allowed to do bodybuilding.
8. Women must have female coaches and trainers.
9. The best sport for teenagers who want to shed weight.
10. Physical education must be mandatory in school.

Animals Topics

1. Wild deer hunting should be banned in the United States.
2. Using animals in circuses must be banned in the United States.
3. Zoos must provide better care for their animals or release them into the wild.
4. Poaching is seriously damaging our economy.
5. Dogs who bite humans must be euthanized.
6. Cosmetic products testing on animals should be outlawed.
7. Dangerous breeds must be banned from public places.
8. Pitbull is not a vicious breed, as we were lead to believe.
9. Adopt pets instead of buying them.
10. Cats are by far the best pet for children.

Controversial Persuasive Speech Topics

1. Video surveillance should be banned from the US society.
2. Judges should have sole power instead of relying on jurors.
3. The capital punishment should be reinstated in all states for severe crimes.
4. Torture or suspected terrorists should be illegal.
5. GMOs are not as bad as you may think.
6. Polygamy should be banned everywhere in the world.
7. Children should not be forced to pray in school.
8. Search and seizure should not require a warrant.
9. Euthanasia for humans should be legalized in the US.
10. Biological weapons have advantages over conventional weapons.

Technology Topics

1. The advance of technology has led to people feeling more alone.
2. Technological advancement will eventually come to a complete halt.
3. Technology is an integral part of the education system.
4. YouTube channels must be required to moderate their comments.
5. The Internet is shutting down out libraries.
6. Technology has many downsides.
7. Anti-piracy software is not effective at all.
8. You should back up your computer every day.
9. Internet gambling needs better legislation.
10. Selfies should be banned where the potential for a fall exists.

Social Media Persuasive Essay Topics

1. Social media and technology are limiting people’s creativity.
2. We must stop censoring the Internet at once!
3. Nowadays, people are far too reliant on the Internet.
4. Social media is damaging inter-human relations.
5. Social media should not be considered during a job interview.
6. People are chatting more on social media than in the real world.
7. Heavy Facebook usage can lead to severe depression.
8. You must be very careful what you post on social media.
9. It’s better to have an online friend than an imaginary friend.
10. People are forgetting how to socialize in the real world.

Funny Topics

1. 2D can sometimes be better for in games than 3D and 4D.
2. Marijuana should be legalized in all US states.
3. The human mind can be controlled by a chip.
4. Graffiti may be illegal, but it is an art.
5. McDonalds is less and less liked by teenagers.
6. Truth be told, the client is NEVER right.
7. Video games help people in real life.
8. Drinking wine every evening is shown to prolong your life.
9. Your cat probably thinks you are pretty bad at being a predator.
10. Never add your parents as friends on Facebook!

Constitutional Issues Persuasive Essay

1. Detaining suspected terrorists without trial is a crime.
2. Alcohol should be made illegal, regardless of age.
3. Praying should not be mandatory in schools.
4. Carrying guns is our constitutional right and should be respected.
5. DUI stops should be prohibited in the United States.
6. The death penalty does not infringe on a person’s right to live.
7. Flag burning should be banned across the United States.
8. Fetuses should be considered legal persons from day one.
9. Abortion must be banned under all circumstances.
10. Unborn babies of incarcerated women are incarcerated without due process.

Education Topics

1. College education must be free for all students.
2. Professors must stop judging students by their grades.
3. Schools should limit the amount of homework students can receive.
4. Remote education is better than traditional education.
5. Classes should be longer in my opinion.
6. The SAT is not an effective exam.
7. Athletes should not have priority during university admissions.
8. Technology should be implemented more in schools.
9. Students who are caught cyberbullying must be expelled.
10. Schools should not have the right to search my backpack.
11. Teachers should be tested every 5 years.

Where to Find Other Good Persuasive Speech Topics?

In this blog posts, we assumed that you already know how to write a persuasive essay. Also, we assume you know how to write or how to get a persuasive essay outline. In case you are having problems with the outline or with writing the paper, we recommend you get in touch with a team of professional academic writers. These seasoned writers are your best option if you want a top quality essay quickly or if you want to learn how to write an academic paper the right way.

If you need more easy persuasive speech topics, there is another place where you can get them. The same writers we mentioned above are perfectly capable of giving you a comprehensive list of good speech topics. Did you know that many of your peers are using an academic writing service? While many of them are getting entire essays from the company, some are just getting persuasive writing prompts. Another great place to get some funny persuasive speech topics is the news. Sounds strange? Well, it isn’t! Just watch the news and find a heated debate about something you consider funny. Then all you have to do is pick a side and turn the discussion into a topic. Keep in mind that good debate topics make up for excellent persuasive essays.

This being said, we wish you good luck. Remember to use the list of college essay topics we provided above. And ultimately, keep in mind that if you write about something you find interesting, your essay will most likely be interesting as well. Pick essay prompts that are funny, intriguing. And the ones that can pique the interest of your professor are especially the ones you should aim for!

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