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100 Literary Research Paper Topics (Updated for 2022)

literary research paper topics

If you are reading this blog post, you are probably looking for some great literary research paper topics. The good news is that we have exactly what you are looking for right here on this page. And no, it won’t cost you anything to read and even use any of the literary topics you find on our list.

Finding Literary Research Paper Topics

We have everything from American literature research topics and British literature essay topics to some great topics for literary analysis. Every topic is listed on this page. The list if updated frequently. This way we can ensure that we can help as many students as possible. Of course, we can’t guarantee that none of your classmates have gotten here first. Even though we strive to keep the topics fresh, there is always a possibility that one of more of your peers have picked their topics already.

Use Our Literary Analysis Essay Topics

Our literature topics can be used for free. You can use them as they are or reword them. Also, we want to let you know that our academic writers (some of which worked on compiling this list) are here to help you. If you need some topics that you can be sure are 100% original, get in touch with us. We can put together a list before you start your literary essay in no time.

Literary Analysis Research Paper Topics

When you need the best literary analysis research paper topics on the Internet, you absolutely need to take a look at our ideas:

  1. The link between literature and psychology.
  2. The most important aspects of international literature.
  3. The personality of Don Quixote.
  4. Literary devices in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
  5. A closer look at metamorphosis in ancient literature.

Literary Debate Topics

Do you want to have the best debate ever? If so, just read our literary debate topics and pick the one that appeals to you the most:

  1. Literature in different countries in Eastern Europe.
  2. Notable women in literature.
  3. The main role of the Macbeth witches.
  4. The greatest literary masterpiece of all times.
  5. Most pressing social issues in modern literature.
  6. Does ethnicity play a role in literature?

European Literature

Our writers have put together a list of the best literary analysis paper topics about European literature. Take a look and choose one right now:

  1. An in-depth analysis of European literature.
  2. Influences of European literature on Mid-Western literature.
  3. Contrast and compare European and US classical literature.
  4. Analyzing literature in the Medieval times in Europe.
  5. The particularities of Irish poetry.

Literary Journalism Topics

Truth be told, finding top quality literary journalism topics can be a daunting task. Fortunately, you have plenty of examples below:

  1. The rites of passage to adulthood in literary journalism.
  2. City living portrayal: The evolution.
  3. Desert writing in African literary journalism.
  4. The particularities of travel writing in 2022.
  5. The changes of narrative and verse since the 1900s.

Literary Topics for Research Paper

We are happy to say that we can help you with exceptional literary topics for research paper. Here are some ideas that should be exactly what you’re looking for:

  1. The best children’s novel after 1950.
  2. Are names important in children’s literature?
  3. The link between psychology and modern literature.
  4. Similarities between literature and painting.
  5. Research the main elements of a postmodern text.

Literary Argument Topics

Getting access to a list of original literary argument topics can be difficult. Our writers managed to put together a list of original ones for you:

  1. How does Rudyard Kipling describe India?
  2. The importance of fiction in Lost in the Funhouse.
  3. Oliver Twist’s take on individualism.
  4. Discuss the circle of life in a specific work of literature.
  5. Beatrix Potter’s take on illustrations.
  6. Developing the imagination of a child through reading.

Hot English Literature Topics

We have plenty of topics in literature, including some hot English literature topics. If you need more ideas, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

  1. Discuss verbal and nonverbal communication in a literary work.
  2. Analyze one of the many works of Shakespeare.
  3. Discuss the concept of madness in literature.
  4. The appearance of Romanticism in literature.
  5. What are Byronic characters and why are they created?
  6. Analyzing an artificial language in a work of literature.

Literary Analysis Topics for College Students

We are very proud of our academic writers. They managed to compile a very nice list of literary analysis topics for college students:

  1. Discuss the dangers of ignorance in a novel.
  2. Can literature be an instrument for propaganda?
  3. What are the most important poststructuralist language views?
  4. Discuss the American dream in US classic literature.
  5. Influences of religion on Eastern European literature.
  6. Compare and contrast dystopian and utopian works.

British Literature Research Paper Topics

Yes, we know that finding good British literature research paper topics is difficult. You need to find an original idea, so why don’t you use one of our topics:

  1. Discuss the evils of racism in a British novel.
  2. How the detective novel appeared in British literature.
  3. Discuss the main theme in the Sonnet On His Blindness by John Milton.
  4. WWI poetry and the use of graphic imagery.
  5. Discuss the Monstrosity theme in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Interesting Literature Topics

Need interesting literature topics? Want to get an A+? Fortunately, we have just the topics you need. Pick one of them and start writing now:

  1. Discuss fate and free will in a specific work.
  2. The influence of Darwin on evolutionary literature.
  3. The differences between literatures of different countries.
  4. How does literature utilize psychology?
  5. Discuss symbolism in literature.
  6. Differences between Roman and Greek literature.

Research Topics in English Literature

If you don’t want to do a lot of research, why don’t you choose some relatively easy research topics in English literature? We have some examples right here:

  1. Good versus bad in Shakespeare’s works.
  2. Literature as a part of modern culture.
  3. Gothic novels and the representation of gender.
  4. The influence of feminism on modern literature.
  5. The differences between dictionaries and encyclopedias.
  6. Analyzing realism in Eastern European literature.

American Literature Research Paper Topics

It’s not difficult to find some decent American literature research paper topics. But are they original? The following ones are:

  1. Discuss isolation in Hamlet.
  2. The social issues exposed in literature.
  3. Contrast and compare two piece of American literature.
  4. Research an important literary device used in Macbeth.
  5. Why was William Shakespeare so successful?

Literature Research Topics for High School

If you are in high school, you are probably looking for easier topics. Take a look at these literature research topics for high school students:

  1. The power and significance of names.
  2. Discuss the power of wealth in modern literature.
  3. The man versus machine element of a specific work.
  4. Discuss the loss of innocence in Lord Of The Flies.
  5. The effects of politics on British literature.
  6. Discuss symbolism in a Khalil Gibran novel.

Controversial Topics in Literature

Yes, there are plenty of controversial topics in literature. They aren’t easy to find, but they are there. Here are some examples from our writers:

  1. Discuss power and corruption in modern literature.
  2. The roles of honor and death in Japanese literature of the 20th century.
  3. The impact of European culture on the modern literature.
  4. Is Maqamat really a genre of literature?
  5. Similarities between Chinese and Japanese literary works.
  6. The importance of the female voice in literature.

Easy American Literature Topics

If you want to write the paper in just a couple of hours with minimal effort, you need one of our easy American literature topics. Pick one now:

  1. Technology in the American society: the good, the bad, the ugly
  2. Discuss the vulnerability of the strong in a specific American novel.
  3. Regret in Shakespeare’s works.
  4. Technology in modern literature in America.
  5. Best literary works in the Colonial period.
  6. Discuss paradise lost in your favorite novel.

World Literature Research Topics

Our professional writers managed to come up with a list of great world literature research topics. You can use any of our topics:

  1. Analyze the concept of wisdom of experience in a world literature work.
  2. The link between youth and beauty in modern literature.
  3. The link between soul and sin.
  4. Self-awareness and self-discipline in modern German novels.
  5. The influence of Daoism on Chinese literature.

Poetry Topics

Writing about poetry topics is not simple, we know. This is why we tried to find some topics that are relatively easy to tackle:

  1. Discuss the comfort after death concept.
  2. The purpose of life in modern poetry.
  3. The concept of not giving up in ancient poetry.
  4. The unconditional love concept in poetry.
  5. War and peace in British poetry.

Western Literature

Of course, our list wouldn’t be complete without at least some ideas of western literature topics. Here is what our writers consider to be interesting:

  1. Social issues in Western literature.
  2. Comedy in Western literature.
  3. A literary analysis of a piece of Western literature.
  4. Is literature a part of Western culture?
  5. Discuss your preferred novel in Welsh literature.
  6. Is Western fanfiction actually literature?

Here it is, a list of 100 amazing literary topics for your essay! If you need more, don’t hesitate to contact our professional essay writers.

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