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Brilliant Self Esteem Essay: Writing Guide & Topics

self esteem essay

Self-esteem is a personal trait that has proven to withstand both high and low tides. It is a state which carries within itself a wide range of beliefs about oneself. Also referred to as self-respect, self-esteem is the confidence in one’s worth or abilities.

It is a subject of great interest to many people. Having a spiced up and captivating essay about self-esteem can guarantee a considerable readership or high grades for students. Many people, especially college students, have a problem with this, and hence we are here to help.

To start us off, let us look at a self-esteem essay example on the effect of social media on self-esteem:

Effect of Social Media on Self-Esteem Essay

“In the last decade, social media has tremendously gained popularity. Its impact and power have left permanent effects on many people and different facets of life. Many people have, therefore, developed high or low self-esteem concerning social media. More research shows that there exists a strong relationship between self-esteem and social media. Facebook has caused a decrease in self-esteem in many people.

Many teenagers are using social media, especially Facebook, to build relationships. There are a lot of people on Facebook of all ages, races, gender, and ethnicity. It is, therefore, natural for teens to mingle and socialize on this platform. Most of the people on social media purport to live “flashy lifestyles,” while in reality, that is not the case. It, therefore, creates a decreased self-esteem on those who cannot live up to those standards.

Social media, through social networking sites, enables people to make social comparisons. For instance, people may try to copy the lifestyles of celebrities. However, those who cannot meet their celebrity status tend to have low self-esteem. The psychological distress of such individuals is higher, resulting in low levels of self-esteem. Many people have, therefore, become victims of lower self-esteem and, consequently, low self-growth.

In conclusion, social media has a very high impact on the self-esteem of individuals. Usage of social media for social networking, communication, and building and maintaining of relationships has diverse effects. There should be sufficient information to help people not fall victims of these adverse effects.”

From the self-esteem essay conclusion above, it is evident that we have not introduced any new idea. You only need to restate the thesis statement and provide a solution to the problem.

We are now going to explore some exciting self-esteem topics with explanations on what to cover in such essays.

“What is Self-Esteem Essay” Topics

  1. Self-esteem essay, Low Self-Esteem: An expository essay
  2. Here, you will have clearly and concisely investigate low self-esteem, evaluate pieces of evidence, expound on it, and provide an argument concerning it.

  3. What is Self-esteem? A critical analysis of theories on the function of self-esteem.
  4. Such an essay requires you to explore the various approaches that show the role of self-esteem in individuals or society at large.

  5. Understanding the concept of self-esteem
  6. It is a topic that digs deep into the breadth and depth of self-worth and makes readers get a clear picture.

  7. A descriptive study of self-esteem
  8. It is about describing or summarizing self-esteem using words instead of pictures.

  9. State self-esteem
  10. You can give a perception of changes occurring in a person’s level of social inclusion, given a particular locality.

Topics on Social Media and Self-Esteem Essay

  • The Paradox Effect of social media on self-esteem
  • Describe how social media is giving off the illusion of different choices while making it harder to find viable options.

  • Self-esteem and ‘vanity validation’ effect of social media
  • Show how the interaction of people with social media for an extended period, inevitably feels compelled to continue to check for updates.

  • The Dark Side of Social Media: How It Affects Self-Esteem
  • Give your reader a picture of how social media has disrupted self-esteem giving evidence of the ill effects.<

  • Social Media and Confidence
  • How is one’s self-worth in terms of confidence boosted by social media?

  • Social media and depression
  • Let readers see how depression can result from the use of social media with real-life experiences.

  • Importance of Self-Esteem
  • When dealing with such a topic, ensure that you clearly show self-esteem is essential in the lives of individuals. Such a problem would be perfect if you showed how people’s character, careers, or life, in general, have improved as a result of self-esteem.

Self-Concept and Self-Esteem Essay Topic Ideas

Explain how self-concept underpins self-esteem. Evaluate the different approaches to self-esteem. You can also discuss the application of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs of self-actualization. Giving the usefulness of the motivational theory for boosting self-esteem will add weight to your essay.

Topic Ideas on How to Improve Self-Esteem

  • Tips to Improve Self-Esteem
  • Give detailed and well-researched advice on how people can boost their self-esteem

  • Steps to Improving Self Esteem
  • Make a detailed analysis of steps one can take to increase their feelings of self-worth.

Here are more topic ideas on how to improve self-esteem:

1. Top 5 tactics to change how to improve how you see yourself
2. Things you can do to boost your self-esteem
3. Understanding and building low self-esteem

Overall, self-esteem is a critical but easy topic to write on effectively. If you still have problems, we offer expert essay writing help to get you started.

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