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Should College Athletes be Paid: Argumentative Essay

Should College Athletes be Paid

Talk about athletics and jitters would run down on almost every college student. They take so much pride in this, and being locked out would be like denying a bee of nectar. Every year, thousands of students participate in these games, and scholarships awarded to those wishing to be partakers.

However, behind all this fun and excitement is a question that many grapple with – Payment. No wonder someone said that money is the root of all evil. But again, it can be the root of peace.

So what exactly is college athletics, and how does it work? Understanding this will enable us to see the pros and cons of paying college athletes.

Put on that seat belt, and let’s get into action.

College Athletics – What’s That?

College athletics are the sports and athletic competitions that are organized and have their funding from the respective institutions of tertiary education (universities or colleges in American English).

And what are the examples of such sports and games? They include baseball, Frisbee, bowling, golf, wrestling, tennis, swimming, and even cricket. A whole full range of sets incorporating anyone and everyone willing to play.

Now that we are on par, let’s see how one can write an excellent persuasive essay on whether college athletes should receive payment or not. Since we are talking about athletes here, we are going marathon.

We will start with the structure of such an argumentative essay paying close attention to every section in detail.

The Title

College athletes should be paid essay title should give a hook to encourage the reader to sink deep into your essay. Also, state your stand so that the reader knows where your argument bases from the introduction.

A point of consideration here: put in mind the audience and the tone to be used. For instance, you can have a title like: Why college athletes should be paid essay, this will make your reader know that you are majoring on the pros of them getting paid.

All clear now?

Let’s move on to the next part then.

The Introduction

We’ll use a court scenario to illustrate this; don’t worry if you’ve never stepped in one. I am giving you an exclusive courtroom experience that you wouldn’t get anywhere. Thank me later.

When a lawyer is presenting a case before the jury, he/she will first give the issue at hand, its background, and present the main argument in a rational, logical, and persuasive way to convince them.

Such is the case with this type of essay. You can begin your essay on whether college athletes should be paid with a provocative quote, personal experience, or even a question for that case.

Statistics on college athletes can also come in handy. It will help to show your readers that you’ve done your homework on the topic.

Are you now able to write a meticulous introduction? If not, then worry not, the game has just started, we are still warming up.

It is coming up next.

Thesis Statement

It is where you state the importance of your persuasive essay. You should sum up what point you are trying to drive home in a clear, creative, and single sentence.

Since you do not have the comfort of using many words here, assert your position on the payment of college athletes here in a way that all readers will understand.

Stay with me; this is important now.

The body

It is the part where you get to prove your thesis and enable you to have a captivating trajectory from your intro to the conclusion. The body is where the jackpot lies, so don’t waste this golden opportunity that can change your life completely.

The body allows you to put meat to the skeleton in the introduction and thesis statement. Here are four key issues that will help you come up with the perfect body, which your grandmother would want to go back to school for her to read.

Main idea: In other words, this is the topic statement. It dictates what the supporting comments will be like, so choose it wisely. You can have one like: How will the college athletes sustain themselves in college without the necessary financial support?

Evidence: Remember our court scenario? Like a lawyer with volumes of books, papers, and other physical proofs, you should prove the main idea stated hitherto. Use facts, statics, quotes, or even findings to ensure that you persuade your reader fully.

Analysis: You are now explaining your evidence here. For instance, if you stated that over 50% of college athletes depend on scholarships, tell how this is related to them receiving payment. Ensure that you discuss the evidence thoroughly to erase any doubts in the reader’s mind.

Transition: It is the sentence that gives you a smooth movement from one paragraph to another in your persuasive essay. However, you should not end the paragraphs with transitions, instead, start with them.

If you like food like me, then you can abbreviate these four critical issues as M.E.A.T. simple and straight to the point.

And last but not least.

The Conclusion

It is the last paragraph of your argumentative essay. Nevertheless, like a preacher, you can conclude in three sections (that is, for long argumentative essays).

Summarize your argument and explain its significance to the reader. In such an essay sample conclusion, you may restate your main points for your reader by using a different language than the one used in the intro and body.

And that’s all there is to an argumentative essay on should college athletes be paid persuasive essay. Nothing complex at all about it. Ensure that you gather your ideas and facts first, and you’ll be good to go!

Professional writing help is also available for college students who still have a problem in crafting such an essay.

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