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How To Write A Diagnostic Essay? Ideas and Guidelines

diagnostic essays

Are you just beginning an academic course and have to write a diagnostic essay? Have you heard many unnerving things about this essay? Don’t worry, relax because we’ve got you! A diagnostic essay definition may be what you need to help you realize just how easy this stuff is. So what is a diagnostic essay? We can define diagnostic essays as a kind of test essay that allows an instructor to “diagnose” your writing skills.

What is a Diagnostic Essay?

Diagnostic essays are writing assignments given at the start of an academic course. Usually, the instructor provides you with a question or prompt and requires you to write a coherent piece within a short period. The essay you turn in helps the instructor discover your strengths and weaknesses. With this knowledge, your instructor will be able to make informed decisions on the appropriateness of any future tasks they assign to you.

How to write a Diagnostic Essay

Writing a diagnostic essay is different from other essay genres because of the time constraints. Diagnostic research is almost non-existent due to the strict deadline for submission. You have to start writing almost immediately after you receive the prompt. To demonstrate your time management and efficiency skills, you have to learn how to allocate time to the different aspects of the essay correctly. Feeling uneasy already? Relax! Your instructors rarely grade these assignments! However, it would be best if you learned to write them because they are a frequent inclusion in standard exams like the SAT.

So now that we know precisely what a diagnostic essay is, how do we go about writing one? Writing a diagnostic essay will be a stroll in the park if you have prior knowledge of a diagnostic essay format, common diagnostic essay topics, diagnostic essay samples, and a guide on how to write a diagnostic essay. First of all, let’s consider the structure of a diagnostic essay.

Diagnostic Essay Structure

Since there is no time to research diagnostic criteria, you need to have an idea of the essay structure before you write. Even though you have only a limited amount of time to write a diagnostic essay, it is essential first to allocate a couple of minutes to structure out your essay. Skipping this vital step may cost you a lot of time and coherence. The structure of a diagnostic essay is identical to other essay types where there is an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion.

  1. Introduction

    Start the introductory section by reiterating the topic or by answering the question in your prompt. Afterward, preview the three main points which you plan to make in the essay body. The next step is making your thesis statement by compressing the arguments into a single sentence.

  2. Body

    The body should have about three paragraphs with each paragraph addressing a single point. Begin the section with a new argument and expound on how that argument supports the thesis statement. Don’t be afraid to include facts or data that may back up your claim if you’re sure of them.

  3. Conclusion

    Here, you start by summarizing the arguments in the body clearly and concisely. Show that you truly have a grasp of that idea. Afterward, rephrase your thesis statement and finalize the article with a captivating sentence.

Diagnosis essays and diagnosis papers are easy to write when you internalize all these suggestions birthed from diagnosis research.

Diagnostic Essay Topics

Getting familiar with likely diagnostic essay topics will go a long way in helping you organize your thoughts more rapidly and turn in your paper with time to spare. Some instructors may give you the freedom to consider and create everything about your diagnostic essay. I bet you don’t want to miss out on that opportunity by not knowing what topic to choose! Just ensure you select what fits into your program articles and makes you stand out. Use this rare opportunity to showcase your knowledge and talent!
We shall provide you with 15 diagnostic essay prompts to help you write that your diagnostic paper!

  1. What are the major elements of effective writing?
  2. Can you consider online bloggers to be journalists?
  3. The most dangerous thing to do on earth.
  4. Will electronic publications replace conventional printing?
  5. Problems modern families encounter.
  6. The challenges of moving to a new country.
  7. How shocking events can change people’s perceptions.
  8. How you spent your holidays.
  9. Who do you love the most?
  10. Who is a good friend?
  11. Why the liquor consumption age should be lower in the US.
  12. Why is patience a virtue?
  13. The most productive time of the day.
  14. What does it mean to be successful?
  15. Why social networking does more harm than good.

Diagnostic Essay Examples

You may need a short diagnostic essay example or diagnostic essay sample to give you a specific grasp of how a diagnostic essay should be.

First, the Introduction (Start with a right hook sentence, summarize the three body paragraphs, and give a strong thesis statement.)

  • Have you ever imagined falling off a skyscraper? Many things may appear dangerous, but none of these things is as dangerous as playing Spider-Man. Imagine the doom if your webs fail to spin after you jump off the top of a skyscraper! Falling from such a height, etc.

Now the three-bodied paragraph (The body paragraph should start with topic sentences that immediately introduces an idea).

  • P1. A skyscraper is a building with an architectural height of at least 330 ft., etc. (give other descriptions of a skyscraper)
  • P2. A Spider-Man is anyone with the ability to cling to any surface and release cord of webs from the hands, etc.
  • P3. Falling off a skyscraper could mean certain death, except there is a pile of feathered pillows at the exact spot of impact, which is highly unlikely, etc. (paint why it is dangerous)

Conclusion (Summarize, restate the thesis, and write an inspiring last sentence)

  • Falling off a skyscraper could be fatal. If you can’t jump off a skyscraper, you may want to agree with me that it is the most dangerous thing in the world, etc.

What To Avoid In A Diagnostic Essay

To write an excellent diagnostic essay, you should:

  • Not use phrases such as “my humble opinion”.
  • Not use unnecessary words like “the purpose of writing this essay”.
  • Never start with a dictionary definition of the topic.
  • Be as specific possible in painting an idea.
  • Use simple and short sentences.
  • Write with passion.
  • Hire an essay writer.

Are you ready to wow your instructor with your knowledge, talents, and skills? Why not digest all these tips and show them what you’ve got!

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