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40 Awe-Inspiring Scarlet Letter Essay Topics

scarlet letter essay topics

The Scarlet Letter: Nathaniel Hawthorne’s romance is one of the most respected works in the history of literature. The setting of the novel is in the Puritan Massachusetts Bay Colony around 1945. The author tells the story of a lady, Hester Prynne, who conceived a baby girl as a result of an affair and got despised so much by the community. She had to struggle a lot, seeking to get repentance and a new life of dignity.

So, if you are in a literature or related class, the chances are that your lecturer will, at some point, ask you to write an assignment on Scarlet Letter. But we must indicate here, when professors give scarlet letter essay prompts, many students get stuck trying to identify the right topics. To help you with this, we have selected 40 hot scarlet letter essay topics.

Interesting Scarlet Essay Letter Titles

When your essay prompts on scarlet for your assignments are released, it is very important to strictly follow the instructions from your tutor strictly. Here are some of the interesting topics to consider:

  1. What is the difference between how the society treats Hester and how she treats herself?
  2. Analyze the role of Native Americans in The Scarlet Letter: A Romance by Nathaniel Hawthorne.
  3. Can you identify and explain different symbols used by the author in the novel?
  4. A closer look at the Scarlet Letter: What are the main lessons for modern society?
  5. Showcase the change in the letter “A” meaning brought out in the story.
  6. Analyze the Hester’s character: Describe her feelings, thoughts and evaluate the attitude towards her.
  7. Hester’s transformation: What role did pearl play?
  8. A comprehensive analysis of Chillingworth’s ideas about revenge.
  9. Pearl: A symbol of Hester’s conscience.
  10. Pearl as a curse and blessing for Hester.
  11. Literary devices in the Scarlet Letter.

Easy Essay Topics for Scarlet Letter

Although most students find the topics on Scarlet Letter tough, there are some that are pretty simple. Here are some of them.

  1. Define the purpose and thesis of the Scarlet Letter.
  2. Analyze the structure of the scarlet letter.
  3. Provide a brief description of the Scarlet Letter.
  4. Analyzing the purpose and effectiveness of imagery in the novel.
  5. Make the analysis of the characters in the Scarlet Letter.
  6. Show how tone and symbolism are used in character development in the Scarlet Letter.
  7. Describe the main characters in the Scarlet Letter.
  8. Select a chapter of choice in the Scarlet letter and discuss the symbols discussed in it.
  9. Analyze the long-term impact of sin in the novel.

Theme-based Essay Topics for Scarlet Letter

In literature studies, lecturers like asking students in college to explore the themes brought out in different plays. Here are some great theme-based topics for Scarlet Letter.

  1. Explore the main themes in the Scarlet Letter.
  2. Discuss the theme of sin in the Scarlet Letter.
  3. Discuss the theme of hypocrisy in the Scarlet Letter.
  4. What are the roles played by background characters in the novel?
  5. Explore the theme of feminine resilience in the Scarlet Letter.
  6. Explore the theme mockery in the Scarlet Letter.
  7. How does the author bring out the theme of guilt in the novel?
  8. Analyze the theme of passion and love in the Scarlet Letter.

Controversial List of Topics for an AP Essay for the Scarlet Letter

At times your lecturer might ask you to look for controversial topics when analyzing the Scarlet Letter. Here are some top suggestions.

  1. Differentiate between the Dimmesdale and Hester.
  2. The Hawthorne’s ideas about human are flawed.
  3. Hester: When women tear off the cultural barriers to gain personal power.
  4. Analyzing sin in the puritarian community: Comparing the punishment for women vs those of men.
  5. Contrast the behavior of kids and adults in the scarlet letter.
  6. Analyze the purpose of public shame in the Scarlet Letter.
  7. The collision between Puritan law and human rights.
  8. Moral issues and morality.
  9. What are the main problems that arise from abusing relationships?
  10. Imagine what the future holds for Pearl.
  11. Review the importance of the physical settings in the novel.
  12. Compare and contrast adultery vision today and during the puritarian times. What has changed?

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The Scarlet Letter has an elaborated composition, which is no doubt not a simple one to read, let alone analyze. Even after selecting the scarlet essay topics, writing an excellent essay is still not a cup of tea for many students. But it is not just the complexity of the novel that makes writing a Scarlet Letter essay challenging. Even some students with some good writing skills feel inadequate to write their papers. For others, it is tight deadlines, many engagements or lack of ample materials. These are some of the reasons why you need to seek expert assistance.

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