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Amazing Climate Change Essay Topics for Top Grades

climate change essay topics

Oceans are becoming warmer, and sea levels are rising. More intense, more prolonged droughts are threatening wildlife, crops, and supplies of fresh water. From the turtles off the African coast to polar bears in the Arctic, climate change has put everything, including the man are at serious risk.

As scientists confirm the risks associated with climate change, everyone is playing his/her part in trying to make the world a better place. For professors, this has become a common area for assignment prompts. But when students are given the essay prompts, the first step, which involves selecting the topics, is always a challenge. But we are here to help.

In this post, we have listed the best climate change essay topics, and further highlighted pro tips for writing the essay.

How to Write Climate Change Essays

Before we can list the top topics on climate change, let us take a moment to understand how to craft a winning essay. Here is a step by step demonstration of how to go about writing the best climate change essays.

  1. Comprehensively study the selected topic. This will help you to understand the selected topic well and pick the main arguments to discuss in the essay.
  2. Write the climate essay introduction. This is your opportunity to introduce the topic and capture the attention of the reader. Make sure also to give the background of global warming in the introduction.
  3. Develop a clear climate change research paper thesis. The global warming thesis statement is your stand on the issue you are writing about. Make sure to be extra careful when selecting a climate change thesis because it will be reflected in the entire paper, including the conclusion.
  4. Write the body of the climate change essay. Once you have written the introduction, you should go straight into the body. Break it into paragraphs with each focusing on one point.
  5. Conclude the climate change essay. This is the last part of your climate change essay. Here, you should start by restating the thesis statement, and then summarize the essay in just a few sentences.

Special Tips for Writing a Climate Change Essay

In addition to the above steps for crafting the best essay, you should also use the following tips for higher grades.

  • Make sure to select a topic that you like to avoid getting bored midway.
  • Carefully follow your professor’s guidelines, especially the formatting style.
  • Always proofread your paper well before submitting it for marking.
  • Ensure to start writing your essay as early as possible.
  • Read other top essays on climate change to understand how experts do it. For example, how did they craft their essay introductions and climate change thesis statement?

Climate Change Paper Topics

  1. Climate change: What are the top 10 causes?
  2. What is your understanding of climate change?
  3. Climate change: Five things that everyone can do to address it.
  4. Climate change and celebrity activists.
  5. Is individual responsibility the bottom line to defeating climate change?
  6. The loss of biodiversity is the greatest loss for humanity.
  7. Coastal cities and water pollution: Is this the beginning of the end?
  8. Are governments doing enough to fight climate change?
  9. Is the fight against global warming doomed in the light of the failed Kyoto Protocol?
  10. Climate change is a problem for everyone: Justify this statement.
  11. Sustainable living and climate change.
  12. Climate change: A closer look at the best-performing countries in fighting the phenomena.
  13. Climate change and industrial responsibilities.
  14. What is the future as climate change intensifies?
  15. Climate change and nuclear power laws.
  16. What are the effects of climate change on developing countries?
  17. Can we really beat climate change?
  18. Separating facts and fiction about climate change?
  19. Climate change and global warming: How are they related?
  20. What are the impacts of climate change on the earth’s natural resources?
  21. How has human activities accelerated climate change?
  22. What measures should be installed to prevent the dangerous impacts of climate change.
  23. Climate change and Species adaptation.
  24. The role of education in addressing climate change.
  25. Why do climate change talks mainly center on carbon dioxide?
  26. Analyzing the impact of global warming on marine life.
  27. The role of technology in climate change trends prediction.
  28. Climate change and geo-politics: Exploring the effects of US failure to ratify the Kyoto protocol.
  29. US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change: Is the future fight on global warming doomed?
  30. Is global warming-related to the rising frequencies of typhoons and hurricanes?
  31. What alternative sources of energy can be used to address the problem of climate change?
  32. Climate change and people migrations.
  33. Analyzing President Obama’s efforts to address climate change.
  34. Is industrial development the biggest challenge to addressing climate change?
  35. Multinational companies’ corporate social responsibilities: Are they enough to address the pollution dangers they cause?
  36. A closer look at the history of climate change.
  37. Can we regulate human activities to keep climate change in check?
  38. Is it too late to think of tackling climate change?
  39. Analyzing the cost implications of the measures adopted for addressing climate change.
  40. Facing the Facts: Is renewable energy ample to meet the fast-growing demand for industrial development?
  41. Protecting the forests to protect the climate change.
  42. Climate change: Causes and effects.
  43. Why climate change is the worst challenge in the history of the globe.
  44. Climate change ad human health.
  45. The UN response to climate change: Is it adequate?
  46. The negative impacts of climate change in the urban areas.
  47. What are the impacts of climate change on tourism?
  48. Climate change: Is capitalism a solution or a problem?
  49. The major threats of climate change on coral triangle turtles.
  50. Suggesting new strategies for addressing the climate change problem.

When to Seek Writing Help

With the best topics, pro tips and a comprehensive writing guide, you are now ready to craft that winning climate change paper. But if you find it difficult because of any reason, be it tight deadline or poor writing skills, you should consider seeking writing help from experts.

Take a break from writing.

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