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Writing A Human Rights Essay: A Simple Guide With Topics

human rights essay

As early as high school, students are often introduced to new forms of writing requiring them to carefully analyze a topic, conduct independent research, and present an original argument supported by credible evidence. Human rights essays are just one of these types of academic writing that students should develop their skills in early. This article presents a simple 5-step approach for doing just that and gives some original and interesting topics to explore in an actual assignment.

Why Are Human Rights Important?

Human rights covers a lot of areas, including ethics, politics, and law, emphasizing on the behavior of humans in relation to morality. For some it can be some pretty heady stuff but there are some deep questions inherent that make it for a subject that warrants a lot of research and discussion. For instance, are human rights universal? Or do animals have similar rights? These are just some examples of some of the questions you might be asked to respond to. But first thing is first: let’s learn how to write one.

How To Plan And Start A Human Rights Thematic Essay

  • Choose a Topic You Are Passionate About
  • This subject provides you with an endless number of topics you can discuss, and it is highly recommended that you focus on something you are genuinely passionate about. If you want to write animal rights essay instead of one on civil rights, then do so. Your passion for the topic will make for a much more compelling and interesting argument.

  • Conduct Some Research and Take Notes
  • Head down to the school library and start your research. If you don’t know where to begin, then ask the librarian for assistance. Make sure to take excellent notes, including facts, data, and quotes. Additionally, make sure you take accurate source information for your citations. You need to back up your argument with evidence that can be verified.

  • Write the Human Rights Essay First Draft
  • Gather your notes and create an outline of your best arguments, making sure to keep related sub-topics together. A first draft should be written quickly, which means that you shouldn’t stop to make small corrections to grammar, spelling or punctuation. Leave the human rights essay introduction until the end, after you’ve managed to form a better idea of what your paper is about.

  • Re-Evaluate Your First Draft then Revise
  • After completing the first draft, put it away for a while. When revising you should go re-evaluate your argument from a fresh perspective. If you start your revisions too soon you may not have much of an impact towards improving your work. So be certain to give yourself plenty of time in between to revise more effectively.

  • Edit and Proofread Your Revised Draft
  • The last step has two distinct parts: editing and proofreading. Print out your essay on human right and find ways to cut out the clutter – look for useless words, phrases, or sentences and delete them. Your writing should be clear and concise. Next, print out a fresh copy and start proofreading for corrections. The fewer errors your assignment has the higher score you will earn. It’s that simple.

20 Great Human Rights Essay Topics Free To Use

Topics for a Concept of Human Rights Essay

  1. Name 5 most important human rights that have affected the way the international community deals with countries that violate these rights.
  2. How has the U.S.’s respect in the world been affected by the evidence of torture by U.S. soldiers holding Iraqi and Afghani prisoners on war?
  3. In areas of the world where indigenous peoples are being forced out of their ways of life, are human rights violations occurring?
  4. How has the internet and online communities affected the nature of human trafficking? What evidence is there to support these claims.

Topics for a Human Rights Violation Essay

  1. Write a human rights versus natural law essay discussing whether there is a contradiction between these two ideologies.
  2. How has the information age changed the way human rights violations occur? Are people’s rights being violated by restricting the web?
  3. China maintains a significant hold over what its citizens are allowed to have access to online. Is this a violation of a basic right?
  4. How have civil rights evolved over the last century in the United States? Do you feel the momentum of change is coming to an end?

Topics for a Civil Rights Movement Essay

  1. Of all the famous human rights activists, which one has had the greatest impact on the way the U.S. treats immigrants seeking asylum?
  2. What impact did Martin Luther King have on society in places so far removed from the U.S. Southern states in the 1960s?
  3. Write a civil rights essay on how the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments of the Unites State Constitution protects every American born citizen.
  4. What are some things that communities still need to do in order to assure that rights gained during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s prevail?

Topics for a Women’s Rights Movement Essay

  1. Discuss how the feminist movement in the U.S. differs from similar movements around the world. Is the U.S. more progressive in equality?
  2. What is the state of the women’s rights movement in the 21st century? Is this gaining or losing momentum or has it remained the same?
  3. Equal rights and equal pay laws are being written and are met with much public support across the U.S. What hurdles must still be overcome before we see these take effect?
  4. Many believe that the feminist movement is a by-product of the civil rights movement of the 60s. Do you agree with this assessment?

Topics for an Importance of Respect Essay

  1. How has the concept of respect within the workspace changed as a result of the feminist movement and its efforts in the 1980s?
  2. What does it mean to be respectful in the 21st century? How is this different from the views that prevailed during the late 1990s?
  3. How important is respect in the international political world? Does it serve anyone to insult others’ cultures or ways of life?
  4. Has President Trump’s policies affected the way other world leaders look upon the U.S.? Does the U.S. still have many allies?

The above human rights research topics can be used as written or can be great starting points towards developing ideas of your own. Try brainstorming for a few minutes or discuss some of these ideas with your classmates. You may be surprised at how easy it is to let your creativity flow as you begin to explore various sub-topics that can quickly become the basis for a strong human rights essay.

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