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Exemplification Essay Writing Tips Plus 30 Unique Topics

exemplification essay

What many students don’t already realize about easy writing – something that might be critically useful to their entire academic life – is that many essays appear relatively similar on paper. The best grades are therefore awarded to the pieces that are different and also impressive.

Several factors, both simple and complex, come together to make a specific academic paper excellent. Thus, the distinctive approach that you take in writing may put you a step ahead of the other students.

Your teacher reads numerous essays each term. That’s why it’s imperative that you keep them hooked and interested in your work by making sure that your writing is both unique and creative.

In this article, we’ll look at the exemplification essay definition. We’ll also dive into the depths of exploring what goes into writing and outstanding exemplification essay.

What Is an Exemplification Essay?

Have you ever watched or listened to a talk show? You probably realized that the guests who made vague statements or sweeping generalizations were not as fascinating or convincing as those who supported their comments and ideas with relatable examples.

That’s basically what exemplification writing is about- giving specific, vivid examples that provide rock-hard support and robust evidence to prove your main point. In fact, demonstration is a great exemplification synonym.

Let’s define exemplification essay writing.

  • An exemplification essay tries to prove a point by providing relevant examples
  • Since the writer uses well-developed examples to support their thesis statement, this is another type of argumentative essay writing.

By supplying specific examples, your exemplification essay gives the reader more information to either persuade, define, illustrate, or explain your main idea.

When you exemplify, the examples you provide have to be good. Furthermore, they should be logically related to the topic of your exemplification essay.

A vital ingredient of an excellent exemplification essay is connections. The reader ought to make a connection between your ideas and examples. It, thus crucial that each example is presented to invoke vivid mental imagery in the reader allowing them to connect your idea to that example. In so doing, your intended meaning is made known, and your ideas and concept, be they complicated or unfamiliar, are clearly understood.

Getting Ready: What to Do Before Writing Your Essay

Much of the published material you encounter, whether academic or otherwise, includes some elements of exemplification writing. Take a newspaper article, for instance, a journalist may decide to explore a controversial topic by offering credible evidence in support of his or her concepts.

And just like the journalist would have to prepare adequately before putting his or her pen to paper, so does a student need to get ready before writing his or her exemplification paper.

Picking topics for exemplification essay writing

The topic you choose forms the heart of your exemplification essay. It’s from this topic that you’ll draw your thesis statement and ultimately determine the overall direction that your paper takes.

Remember, an exemplification essay is somewhat akin to an argumentative essay. Hence, it’s always best to go for exemplification essay topics that can easily be adapted for argumentative purposes.

One must not underestimate the power of an essay topic in attracting readership. A paper that addresses a hot-button issue or an interesting concept will easily compel the reader to read to the end. And if your writing is excellent, this will guarantee a high score. Let’s recap:

The best exemplification essay topic should be:

  • Unique
  • Interesting
  • Specific
  • Easy to understand and relate to

Check out this exclusive exemplification essay topics list (you can also choose to argue against each of these topics in your paper).

  1. Public polls have no influence on the outcome of a national election
  2. Vegetarianism saves animal lives
  3. Social media will kill postal services
  4. Siblings have the same nurturing impact on kids as parents
  5. 8 hours of sleep isn’t necessary for improved personal productivity
  6. Trap is going to change music for good
  7. Cleaner schools have better-performing students
  8. Daily exercise keeps a person’s body in optimal shape
  9. Freelance is a solution for enhanced productivity
  10. In today’s corporate society, men are discriminated against just as much as women
  11. Teamwork may kill creativity
  12. Reelecting the same president for a subsequent term leads to a more successful government
  13. Self-driving cars can never replace actual drivers
  14. There’s a very thin line between free speech and hate speech
  15. Regular news consumption doesn’t make you a better-educated individual
  16. Homeschooling hurts a child’s social skills
  17. Multitasking is a myth
  18. Studying while listening to music hinders maximal concentration
  19. Everyone needs access to healthcare
  20. Marijuana should be decriminalized worldwide
  21. Gun control laws should be made less strict
  22. Separating schools by gender improves learning
  23. Climate change is to blame for rising poverty levels
  24. It’s impossible to solve problems associated with data protection
  25. Social media negatively affects learning in schools
  26. Twitter single-handedly improved sports culture
  27. The fast-food industry changed the nation’s eating habits
  28. Breastfeeding in public shouldn’t be allowed
  29. A person’s online behavior is indicative of that person’s actual conduct in real life
  30. Sexting ruins relationships


Don’t you just hate it when you grab a seemingly full potato chip bag, but on opening it, you find that it’s puffed up with air, and there are just a few potato chips inside? That’s precisely how your readers feel when your essay is lacking in content but rich in filler words.

Thorough research will give you relevant, rich, and exciting information and examples for your paper. Scouring the library, scholarly databases and the internet is, most of the time, enough to give you sufficient information, evidence, and conclusions to back up your argument.

Nonetheless, one must comprehensively analyze the information they find- and this requires time. So do not procrastinate. Don’t wait until the last minute to start working on your paper. After all, isn’t procrastination the thief of every student’s time?

Create an Exemplification Essay Outline

By now, you’ve consulted multiple sources, found a multitude of ideas, and gathered a collection of excellent exemplification essay examples free of charge. So, it’s time to decide what approach to take in your paper.

How are you going to demonstrate your idea? Will you:

  • Use several examples to illustrate the central theme of your essay?
  • Use one major example with several subordinate features to demonstrate your main idea?

How will you organize the examples in the essay? Will they appear:

  • Chronologically, i.e., moving through time for earliest to latest (or vice versa?)
  • From simple to complex?
  • Emphatically, i.e. starting the most important or impactful progressively to the least essential?
  • Spatially, i.e. with no apparent order?

Structure and Presentation: How to Write an Exemplification Essay

Writing has often been described as art. As is the case in most other artforms, perfect structuring of an essay is of uttermost importance.

Just like any other essay that you’re ever going to write, an exemplification essay has three major parts.

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

The Intro: The Bait That Hooks Your Reader

Even though you are writing an academic exemplification essay, your introduction must be inviting to the reader.

Your thesis statement must be specific and vivid. The reader shouldn’t struggle to figure out what you are talking about in your essay.

The presentation and style of writing of this first part of your essay should be seductive, alluring, but also formal and as professional as possible. It takes practice and time to find the perfect balance though.

Essentially, you don’t want your introduction to look like yet another boring lecture or sermon about your personal convictions. Instead, your introduction ought to present your paper as a fresh, exciting original piece about the issue it addresses.

The Body: Keep the Reader Reading

In this section, you’ll use several paragraphs to expound on the main idea using appropriate examples.

To be effective, use concrete exemplification essay examples to logically illustrate your concept and ideas. All of the facts, statistics, and data used must be accurate and appropriately referenced.

All in all, the details and examples expressed within the body of the essay are aimed at clarifying the intended meaning of the ideas outlined in your thesis statement.

Remember, each paragraph:

  • could express a single unique point supported by concise example(s)
  • could be a well-developed example to demonstrate the thesis
  • could be a subordinate feature of the major exemplification essay example that illustrates the thesis

Conclusion: It’s Time to Finish Strong

There are several things that a conclusion does; first, it restates your thesis. Next, it reiterates the main idea of your writing.

A common question that readers who go through poorly concluded exemplification essays ask is, “so what?” This question can easily be avoided by restating your exemplification essay thesis and ideas, and generally telling the reader why you wrote about that topic in the first place.

The conclusion also ties up any loose ends. You do not want to leave the reader with a cliffhanger. After reading your paper, the reader ought to appreciate the completeness of it all.

Proofread and Edit

A writer’s work isn’t done until their paper is thoroughly proofread and edited. Go through your exemplification essay sample and correct any errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Don’t forget to also look for and replace any weak phrases and sections.

Additionally – and this is very crucial – check for plagiarism. Fortunately, there are excellent tools to help you refine your exemplification essay and get rid of any stains of plagiarism that might be present. A good editing service can help you save precious time before submission.

Take a break from writing.

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