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50 Great Education Topics For Your Essay

education topics

Developing original and interesting research paper topics education is hard for many students. Facing numerous pressures from all directions, they often wait until the final week to make a list of potential education research topics to conduct their studies on. It happens to the best students and can happen to you. We’ve compiled a list of the best research ideas being discussed today and are sharing them with you here. We make suggestions for the appropriate grade level on some education research topics, but these can all be modified and applied to any academic level.

Higher Education Research Topics for Grad Students

Graduate students have the toughest time coming up with good education essay topics because they have so many other responsibilities to deal with: These topics about education should alleviate some of that stress:

  1. Adaptive physical education and the ways it affects overweight and obese students.
  2. Discuss the success or failures of the No Child Left Behind Program of the early 2000s.
  3. What have been the positive and negative effects of the Dream Act?
  4. Compare the effectiveness of the different styles of learning in the era of technology.
  5. How do children involved in mentoring programs compare to those that are not involved?

Topics in Early Childhood Special Education

Childhood education has a plethora of controversial education topics because the research studies in this area are relatively new. This list is sure to raise some eyebrows and win you some points in class:

  1. How does addiction factor into the health of a child with special needs?
  2. Compare different techniques for educating children with special needs in today’s world.
  3. Should teacher unions be allowed when it puts special education students at risk?
  4. Homeschooling students with special needs. What are the positives and negatives?
  5. Parental involvement as a positive factor in development for special education.

Parent Education Topics for Research

Parent learning is one of the hardest topics in education to research because there are so many contradicting views and opinions. Check out this list of ideas for a project in this area:

  1. Do school work programs enable parents to have a great impact on their child’s development?
  2. Parents that have received retention notices from public schools.
  3. Boarding schools and the role that parents have in child development.
  4. Should the DREAM ACT include parents that migrated from third world countries?
  5. Effectiveness of STEM programs in furthering females’ involvement in science.

Controversial Topics Special Education

Nothing can bring attention to your research project more than choosing from one of these controversial topics in education. Just be sure to check that there are plenty of resources available:

  1. Should the federal government reduce funding for special education programs that do not reach learning standards?
  2. How often should special education programs be evaluated for effectiveness?
  3. Should big tech companies like Apple and Microsoft receive credit for donating to special education programs?
  4. Special education physical activities and their impact on student learning.
  5. Should the federal government provide private security to students in special education programs?

Hot Topics in Education for College Students

This list of research topics in education represents the latest debates in the field and will put your study at the forefront of academic discussion:

  1. Should the government fund private companies to provide security in schools?
  2. Student loan forgiveness as a way to stimulate the nation’s economy.
  3. College tuition rates and the negative effects on completion rates.
  4. How does the economy’s negative effects on tuition rates impact college students’ mental health?
  5. Why have sexual assault cases risen in the United States despite efforts to reduce risks?

Sex Education Topics for Graduate Students

These thesis topics in education on the topic of sex push the boundaries of what we have learned in the past and will be at the forefront of what is an important subject moving forward:

  1. Describe the positives and negatives of sexual education in middle school students.
  2. Why do different countries have different views on basic sex education?
  3. What is the appropriate age to conduct sex education for teenagers and should the government mandate laws regarding this issue?
  4. Should insurance companies provide full coverage for birth control options?
  5. What is the appropriate age for teenage girls to be allowed access to birth control pills?

Action Research in Education Topics

Some of these ideas are designed specifically for education debate topics. They can still be used for written works but appeal to those who are tasked with presenting research topics on education before an audience:

  1. Collaborative learning as a model for improving English proficiency.
  2. What role does task-based education have on a student’s ability to learn English as a second language?
  3. What effects do teachers have on ESL students when teachers read aloud in class?
  4. Foreign language learning in an increasingly globalized society.
  5. Game-like activities and their effect on increasing student participation.

Health Education Topics for High School Students

Concerns about health in the last few months have bolstered patient education topics globally. We searched and found great ideas. Research topics in education in this area are always interesting so here are ideas for your consideration in this area:

  1. How does life enhancement help improve the health of the elderly that have been placed in senior homes?
  2. Does a better understanding of the spread of the Corona Virus prevent death?
  3. Should high school students be quarantined in the aftermath of a pandemic and if so for how long?
  4. How important is oral health education among teenagers from lower-income communities?
  5. What are the social implications of introducing sex education to 6th graders and how does this affect the rate of unplanned pregnancies in teenagers?

Dissertation Topics in Education for Graduate Students

While dissertations can be tough, these researchable topics on education can make any grad student’s life much easier: Review each topic and modify them to suit your grad project’s needs:

  1. What can college campuses do to lower the cases of student bullying and harassment?
  2. Discuss the positive values of implementing technological learning tools for disabled students and what the government can do to improve effectiveness.
  3. What can high school campuses do to minimize the risk of violence?
  4. Should metal detectors be mandatory in all college and university campuses?
  5. What tools should educators have access to improve learning models in the classroom?

Special Education Research Topics for High School Level

When it comes to special education topics there is much to be explored and we’ve put a collection of 10 topics worthy of any type of research project at this level:

  1. How effective as the Handicapped Children Act of 1975 been in the United States and what can be done to build on the program?
  2. What should educators know about enhanced Response to Intervention public programs?
  3. What are the most important factors for identifying learning disabilities in children under the age of twelve?
  4. What are the most effective methods for teaching high school students who have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?
  5. What impact has the No Child Left Behind program had on students that have been identified as having learning disabilities?

What do you think about our list? Check with us for other argumentative essay topics education. Not only do we post new lists often, but we can also custom make a fresh list of education topics to fit your precise assignment needs. Just contact us via chat, email, or phone and one of our friendly support staff will put you in touch with an expert writer specializing in this field for unique researchable topics in education.

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