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Impact of Technology on Education: Professor’s Vs. Student’s Perception

Whether we like to admit it or not, technology plays a very important role in our lives. And to be realistic, technology is everywhere, including inside the computer or smartphone that you are now using to read this blog post. So it is only normal to assume that there is an impact of technology on education. However, various studies have had mixed results. This is why we decided to measure the impact of technology in education by obtaining two different opinions: one from a professor and one from a student. The information we received was nothing short of staggering. It seems that the impact of technology on education is far greater than expected. The digital age has greatly influenced both learning and teaching. But was it a good influence, or a bad one? Let’s see!

Is There an Impact of Technology on Education?

First of all, we need to establish whether or not there is an impact of technology on education. This is very easy to do actually. Just take a look at how much learning and teaching has evolved. Professors are not using projector screens instead of blackboards. Your grades are uploaded on your digital university account. Teachers are searching for information on the Internet and students are finding innovative new ways to solve problems online. Collaboration between academics and between students is now easier than ever. So there is a clear – and very strong – impact of technology in education. We now have to see whether or not it was a positive impact. For this, let’s see things from a professor’s point of view.

The Impact of Technology in Education From a Teacher’s Standpoint

According to teachers, there is an impact of technology on education and it is mostly positive, but there are some minor issues. First of all, professors can now collaborate on complex projects and can find information faster than ever online. Second, teaching becomes a lot easier. Professors can use projector screens and digital courses. In addition, even grading papers becomes a simple matter if one uses an automatic grading machine for multiple choice tests. And let’s not forget that teachers are always bettering themselves, so it is of great help to have a tool such as the Internet at your disposal. Professors can find journals, theses and courses quick and easy. However, there is a negative aspect to the impact of technology on education in the 21st century. It seems students have found a lot of ways to waste their time (games and online social networking immediately comes to mind). Also, many students are getting help from professional writers online when they need to write a complex essay.

The impact of technology on education From a Student’s Standpoint

From a student’s point of view, technology has a very serious positive. The impact of technology on education cannot be underestimated. It helps students learn more, better and faster. Again, the Internet is a great place where students can quickly find the answer to almost any question. In addition, one can find various materials such as courses and lectures online, not to mention hours of YouTube videos that help one solve a complex math or physics problem. College students are also very happy about the fact that they can quickly get some assignment help when they need it. In other words, one can get in touch with an academic writing company and have an experienced writer (who usually holds a degree in that specific field) write one’s homework or essays. Another positive impact of technology on education is the fact that students can interact with one another quickly and can collaborate with their professors remotely. They have access to information wherever they have an Internet connection.

Is There Any Negative Impact of Technology on Education?

Of course, there are voices who disagree with technological innovation in the learning and teaching process. And we have to agree; there are some things that can be regarded as a negative impact of technology on education. As we stated previously, technology not only gives college students easy access to information; it also gives them easy access to all kinds of things that distract them (games, for example). Also, there is no guarantee that they information one finds online is accurate. A book written by an established author will always contain accurate information, whereas Wikipedia pages may contain errors. And some people also complain that getting assignment help online is a negative thing. However, let’s put it this way: if nobody at school is able to help the student, why wouldn’t he or she be allowed to find assistance somewhere else? Because let’s face it; teachers rarely have time to help college and university students one-on-one. Searching for assignment help online is the natural response of students who are pressed by professors and parents to get a top grade, yet receive too little guidance on how to do so.

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