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Writing An Excellent Cultural Identity Essay For All Levels

cultural identity essay

Before starting an identity essay, it’s important that you first consider what the assignment prompt is asking you to do. This kind of writing is closely associated with narrative writing because it can be quite personal, but sometimes you will need to write about others. In the latter case, you should refer to some cultural identity essay examples to learn how to talk about a cultural group you may not feel a part of without causing any offense. An identity essay can be tricky if you don’t fully understand the definition, so we will discuss it a bit in this article as well as give you a few ideas on the subject worth your consideration.

What is Cultural Identity?

The widely accepted definition of cultural identity is that it is the concept or belief of belonging to a specific group of people. This is, of course, filled with many sub-factors and is debatable because of the various cultural, historical, and generational characteristics (among others) that one can use to classify oneself or a group. It can be a bit complicated and many experts suggest that is no absolute definition since the characteristics one chooses to use often expand to overlap with others.

Students may find themselves having to write an essay response for an application or a personal narrative that asks them to answer the question “What is my cultural identity?” and not have a clear idea of where to begin. In such cases, it’s probably best for students to review an identity essay example to develop a better understanding of the best method for defining and writing a logical response. With a little bit of practice, students will get a full grasp of what readers are looking for when dealing with this subject. As for the structure and format, you can follow a typical five-paragraph essay outline.

12 Essay Topics on Identity Issues

The following 12 topics deal with a variety of areas appropriate for an identity paper assignment for high school, college, and graduate school courses. We encourage students to consider each one carefully and thoroughly, and then to apply their own twist to the ideas presented in order to make the subject truly personal:

  1. Language is an essential piece of what makes us who we are culturally speaking. But many people take their families traditional forms of communicating for granted and instead adopt a new language to fit in with their surroundings. Write a cultural identity essay about myself where you discuss being bi-lingual.
  2. Describe a real-life experience that helped you connect with a group in a self-identity essay. This can be a connection you felt with family, friends, or strangers. It should be something that you believe has influenced you to become the person you are today.
  3. How did the foods that you ate and the language that you spoke at home when growing up, affect the way you identify? Write a culture and identity essay focused on your family and upbringing. Consider how things were different from you than others in your neighborhood.
  4. Do you identify as an American or do you hold on to another country’s culture? Write an American identity essay where you explore what it means to be an American and whether or not the blinds between being single or multi-cultural is still relevant today.
  5. How does the way we communicate with family, friends, and strangers influence the way we think about identity? How are these two things linked and how important is the former to the latter? Write a language and identity essay exploring this relationship, and consider using personal examples.
  6. Write an ethnic identity essay comparing and contrasting two different groups of people that are often combined in generalized discussions. For instance, Chinese and Japanese, Mexican and Salvadorians, or English and Scottish, etc. How are these generalizations offensive and why are they still prevalent in media and the way people perceive them?
  7. With so many people conducting various day-to-day activities, are we to blame for being victims to cyber-crimes? Give an example of such a crime in an identity theft essay that examines cause and effect – and take an unbiased approach towards casting blame.
  8. Examine how American Literature of the 20th century lends itself to common beliefs about ethnicity and equality in a racial identity essay. Do writers set racial boundaries that are encouraged or promoted in today’s society or do they aim to bring down such boundaries by citing the existence of such barriers?
  9. Give an explanation behind the personal identity definition. For instance, how does one’s personal identity change over time as a result of environmental and social factors that have a great influence on the way one may view him or herself?
  10. Write an essay about identity in the 21st century. Consider the different ways in which people are generally more inclined to be untruthful when it comes to stating beliefs over the internet as a result of anonymity without checks. Does this strengthen people’s perception of their own identity or does it take them further away from reality?
  11. Write an essay about identity in a world where social media communication has become the primary way for people to communicate with masses who they don’t know personally. Think of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and a user’s quest to reach out to more people and increase followers and fans.
  12. Describe how an identity essay introduction for something like a university admission or scholarship application can give the wrong impression if it is poorly written. What are the most important qualities that should be expressed in the opening paragraph?

Finding High-Quality Writing Assistance on the Web

In order to learn more about proper structure and format for a personal identity essay, students are encouraged to visit a professional academic writing service online. There they will find a variety of resources, including identity essay examples, custom-written templates, and original topics to fit specific assignment prompts. For an affordable price, students can also hire a professional to write, review, edit, or proofread a cultural identity essay to ensure they hand in an assignment that meets the highest standards of academic quality at any grade level.

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