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How to Write A Great Corruption Essay In No Time

corruption essay

Corruption, a form of dishonesty or criminal activity by a person/ organization in authority, has been associated with devastating effects such as collapse of local and national economies. While laws are part of the efforts to help stamp corruption out, the best solution is building personal values that push people always to act ethically.

To help students understand more about corruption and how to avoid it, your professor is likely to give you a corruption essay. Often, many students find writing corruption essays a monumental task because the subject is wide and corruption takes different forms.

So, in order to help you with the problem, we have prepared this comprehensive guide that takes a closer look at writing a winning political corruption essay. Further, we provide pro tips and answer key questions that most students with corruption essay assignments ask.

How to Write an Essay on Corruption

When a student is faced by an assignment on corruption, it is not uncommon to stare at a blank page on the laptop and get confused, “where do I even start?” Here is a demonstration of how to go about it.

  • Brainstorm

Once your tutor gives you a corruption essay, whether it is a “how political corruption affects Brazil essay” or “essay on corruption in India,” the first step is brainstorming. This will give you a better idea about the subject. You could even brainstorm with your friends about the topic to understand the weightiest points to include in the essay.

  • Research

Armed with the principle idea about corruption, you need to dig deeper into the subject and pick the main points. The resources to use here can be books, research journals, newspaper articles, and interviews, among others.

  • Develop an Outline

To write a good essay corruption, you need to have a clear outline. This will help you to organize the key points from the beginning to the end. Here is one of the best outlines to consider:

  1. Topic: Pick a topic that is interesting to avoid getting bored midway. Great topics might include FIFA corruption essay, corruption essay in English 200 words, and the impacts of corruption on the Brazilian economy.
  2. Introduction: Use the introduction to grab the attention of the reader and introduce your essay. Also, provide the thesis of the essay.
  3. Body: The body of your government corruption essay should be broken into separate paragraphs, with each discussing a different point. Make sure to use facts, quotes, and statistics to support your arguments. Also, write your essay on corruption with quotations to impress the reader.
  4. Conclusion: In the corruption essay conclusion, you need to summarize the paper and close it down. Here, you should not introduce new points.
  • Write

Now that you have the outline, it is time to get down to business: writing your corruption essay. Remember to start by working on a draft and then refine it to create the final paper.

Pro Tips for Writing a Short Essay on Corruption

Now that you know how to write an essay on corruption, we are going to highlight some useful tips from the writing pros to make it more appealing and win more marks.

  • Make sure to strictly follow your professor or department’s guidelines.
  • Start working on your essay as immediately as possible. If you wait until the last moment, there is a danger of getting late with the assignment.
  • Avoid distractions when writing your essay. If you write your essay when surrounded by key disruptions such as television and computer games, you are likely to do it poorly. Therefore, consider putting the distractions away when working on the cold way essay.
  • Make sure to hone your skills progressively. Here, do not wait until your tutor gives the assignment, start practicing as early as possible.
  • Use the latest resources. While it is true that some preferred resources might be old, only use them when it is necessary. Try to make sure most or all your references were published in the last five years.
  • Proofread your work carefully. Even if you have very good points but your essay has glaring mistakes, you are likely to lose marks. Therefore, proofread your paper well to ensure it does not have confusing sentences, the ideas are arranged logically, connectors are used well, and the essay is complete.

Writing the Best Corruption Essay

To make your corruption essay for student sparkle, it is advisable to think through the problem personally.

For example, if you are writing about the effects of corruption in Brazil, try to get into the shoes of Brazilians. Imagine a hospital lacking medical supplies because money has been embezzled. Be passionate and your essay will be awe-inspiring.

Common Questions on Corruption

  1. What is corruption in simple words?

It is a form of dishonesty or criminal offense, especially by a person or persons who are entrusted with authority. They abuse their powers or acquire illicit benefits for personal gain.

  1. What is corruption and its effects?

Corruption hurts all people. Here are some of its core effects:

  • Financial losses.
  • Wastage of public funds.
  • Damage to organization staff morale.
  • Termination of employment.
  • Loss of community trust in public authorities.
  • Stunted economic growth.
  1. What are the different types of corruption?
  • Bribery.
  • Graft.
  • Extortion.
  • Kickbacks.
  • Cronyism.
  • Embezzlement.
  1. What causes corruption?
  • Greed for cash and desires.
  • Market monopolization.
  • Poor levels of democracy.
  • High bureaucratic levels.
  • Lack or poor press freedom.
  • Lack of economic freedom.

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