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100 Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics

cause and effect essay topics

For some students, writing an essay can be almost like an unnecessary and challenging assignment. There is no escaping the writing of essays though and in fact there are several types that the student will need to familiarize themselves with.

An essay which students will come across is the cause and effect essay, which fortunately can be fairly easy to write.

Think Well Choosing Cause And Effect Essay Topics

You will need to look at good cause and effect essay topics so that you can properly convey your cause and effect ideas in an organized fashion.

Whether you’re choosing cause and effect essay topics for middle school, cause and effect essay topics for college or for university, as you plan your essay, think about whether you are writing to inform or persuade your reader.

Easy Cause And Effect Essay Topics Inform And Entertain

Easy cause and effect essay topics can serve you well as you’re able to better explain events and situations to the reader as opposed to a more difficult topic.

Investigate ideas for cause and effect essays that you’ve experienced so that you can write it in a coherent, logical way. You want your audience to follow all components of the situation and the chain of events in an orderly fashion.

Easy topics for cause and effect essay are a wise choice because you want your readers to pick up and understand all the nuances of the situation you are writing about. They’re then able to form an opinion and come to their own conclusions.

The best cause and effect paper ideas can help the student better express their thoughts and it improves writing and communication skills – talents that are needed throughout life.

100 Cause And Effect Essay Topic Ideas In All Subjects

Type into the search engine ‘100 cause and effect topic titles’ and you will be presented with choices galore.

Everyday life can be turned into a discussion and into cause and effect topic ideas. Doing life will give you a hint as to some topics you can choose. Our essay writers can help you with any topic you like. Some common categories you’ll find with a cause and effect essay topics list are:

  • politics
  • religion
  • history
  • world events
  • technology
  • relationships
  • medicine and health
  • social issues
  • ecology
  • education …and more

Technology Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  1. The way technology has impacted negatively on modern kids.
  2. Why Singapore is a country that works so well.
  3. The influence of surfing the net without parental supervision.
  4. Internet cafes are critical for doing business.
  5. Choosing the best browser for your computer.
  6. Choosing the best cyber control for kids.
  7. Laws of decency and respect not apparent on the Internet.
  8. Protecting children from online abuse.
  9. How cellphones affect our social lives.
  10. What are the effects of cyberbullying?
  11. Social media interest shows no signs of dying out.
  12. Will e-books ever really catch on?
  13. Causes for computer use over tablet use for web browsing.
  14. Causes of data breaches and their effects.
  15. Dating sites and why people use them.
  16. Effects of online shopping.
  17. Cause of why some video games never catch on.
  18. The effects of the Internet on relationships.

Natural Sciences

  1. Reasons why every household needs to conserve rainwater.
  2. Wildfires – deliberate or natural and their cause and effects.
  3. The busy bee and what it means to the world when it is no longer around.


  1. Working out generates hormones beneficial to one’s health.
  2. Children who engage in team activities communicate better.
  3. Children who take part in sports have more confidence.
  4. Children should be taught to win in sports at all costs.
  5. Nutrition for sports performance.
  6. Be wary of fad diets with sports.
  7. Benefits of combining nutrition and physical activity.
  8. Training, competition and recovery in sports.
  9. The right fluid replacements.
  10. The usage of sports supplements.
  11. The causes and effects of using ergogenic aids in sport.
  12. Working out boosts memory.
  13. Productivity and its effect on brainpower.
  14. Children who play sports have more friends.
  15. Exercising regularly helps reduce stress.
  16. Physical activity need not be strenuous to be beneficial.
  17. Exercise not performed properly can cause injury.


  1. Exercise guidelines for a healthy back.
  2. The cause of a bad back with the desk-bound person.
  3. Decreasing fat in your diet.
  4. Emotional problems cause a poor immunity system.
  5. Spotlight on the impact of comfort foods.
  6. Secrets to a good night’s rest.
  7. Understanding homeopathy in the 21st century.
  8. Oxygen and Alzheimer’s disease.
  9. Depression and taking a step towards happiness.
  10. Overcoming an addiction to junk food.
  11. Emotional eating leads to poor digestion.
  12. High blood pressure results in a heart attack.
  13. Obesity leads to joint problems.
  14. The prevention of winter ailments.
  15. The body’s response to stress.
  16. The benefits of exercise during pregnancy
  17. Exercise helps food choices.
  18. The power of meditation
  19. The immune system cure.
  20. Dangers of pain medication
  21. Explaining autoimmunity
  22. The cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.


  1. Lack of finances causes constant bickering.
  2. Owning a house affects the wellbeing of a family.
  3. Both spouses working brings about psychological wellbeing.
  4. Lack of communication ends many a relationship.
  5. Sex-changes cause anxiety with first-time dating.
  6. Plastic surgery alters feelings in a relationship.
  7. Is divorce a repeat-process with the children?
  8. Financial issues a top reason for marital breakups.
  9. The behavior of parents can make or break a child.
  10. The first child always the favorite?
  11. When parents don’t want boys in the family.
  12. When parents don’t want girls in the family.
  13. Troubled relationships cause lack of sleep.
  14. Men and women – equal roles?
  15. The transition from child to the teen years.
  16. Is there a happy ever after?
  17. Is love big enough to share?


  1. Learning Chinese improves cognitive ability.
  2. Copying somebody’s homework makes a student insecure.
  3. Skinny models thought to promote bulimia.
  4. The one-child family policy for the entire world?

Personal cause and effect essay topics

  1. Living as an only child.
  2. Unplanned pregnancies change your life irrevocably.
  3. The silent threat of HPV or human papillomavirus.

Social Sciences, Psychology and Gender Studies

  1. Causes and effects of drug abuse.
  2. The impact of divorce on a child.Social Problem Topics
  3. The cause of men still earning more than women


  1. ADHD is just another name for undisciplined children.
  2. Causes and effects of working with a disability.
  3. Our water is drying up and its role in violence to get it.
  4. The rise of obesity in young people.
  5. Video games can boost aggression.
  6. The causes and effects of shopaholism.
  7. Causes and effects of poverty.
  8. Effects of religion on the behavior of modern society?
  9. The outcomes of uploading the wrong image to Facebook.
  10. Bullying and its effects on the wellbeing of the child.
  11. The causes and effects of gender violence.
  12. Child sexual abuse on the rise – the cause and effects.
  13. Migrants to America create economic problems?

These kinds of cause and effect essay topics for college students around environmental issues are enthralling topics for college- and also high school children.

Good cause and effect essay topics for college students can be exciting and entertaining. They don’t all have to be serious either, and fun cause and effect essay topics can also be an idea.

This type of academic writing may well have been given by the teacher. If not, there is no cause for concern, because typing in the words ‘100 topics for Cause and effect paper topics will yield all the topic ideas you could possibly handle.

When you look for cause and effect essay ideas there are many. If you still aren’t sure how to actually choose a topic and write a cause and effect essay, there are sample cause and effect essay topics that can help you understand how to write the essay.

Once you don’t know how to come up with the key components of a good essay, there are writing companies that offer cause and effect essay example topics where you can hire a writer to write an original article for you or you can simply buy a cause and effect essay. They’ve got super ideas for cause and effect essays to clinch you excellent marks.

The cause and effect essay may well be assigned to you to write regardless of your discipline. When writing a cause and effect essay, you need to have researched the specific causes and be sure and confident that you’re showing precisely why the issue is leading to the results they are.

Take a break from writing.

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