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Best Pop Culture Essay Writing Tips And Topics

pop culture essay

Tens of thousands of students are looking for the latest and hottest pop culture topics. They need to write an essay on such a topic and they know that the quality of the pop culture topic greatly influences their chances of getting an A or A+. The reason you are reading this blog post is probably because you need to learn how to write an excellent essay and because you need some good pop culture topics.

Considering the sheer amount of people who are trying to get the latest topics, it can be almost impossible to get some good, original ones. We are very happy to be able to help you with this. Let’s see how you can easily write an excellent essay and show you some good pop culture essay topics.

Let’s Talk About the Five Paragraph Essay Structure

Before we show you how to locate some excellent pop culture ideas for a paper, let’s talk about how you can write the essay as quickly as possible. We know that as a student you don’t have much time at your disposal. To help you speed up the process of writing the paper, we would like to explain the five paragraph essay structure. Keep in mind that this essay structure can be used for almost any type of academic paper in high school, college, and even university. Here is what you need to do (after you have a list of original pop culture speech topics):

  1. You start with an introduction (one paragraph). This is where you will present your thesis statement and then provide a couple of information about the topic being discussed. Remember to include some background information and explain your audience why your essay is important.
  2. Regardless of the pop culture topic you pick, you will need to write at least three body paragraphs. It is very important to keep in mind that each paragraph should only discuss one main idea. Never, under any circumstances, discuss more than one idea per paragraph to avoid confusing your audience. Each idea being discussed needs to support your thesis.
  3. The last thing you need to complete your pop culture essay is the conclusion – which is the fifth paragraph. It’s not difficult to write it, don’t worry. You need to restate the thesis, summarize all of the main ideas in the text, and then wrap it all up with a call to action or some other type of ending. Again, it is very important to show your audience why your essay on pop culture is important for the scientific community.

Finding Exceptional Pop Culture Topics

Now it’s time to talk about how you find excellent pop culture topics. We know, the Internet is full of websites offering topics. Finding a topic doesn’t sound like a difficult thing to do. On the contrary, finding the perfect topic for your paper is possibly one of the most difficult processes when it comes to academic papers. For instance, out of the hundreds of amazing pop culture topics 2017 had to offer, none are of any real value at present time. Pop culture is very dynamic, and you want to find pop culture paper topics that are of interest to your audience right now. In other words, you need to find current pop culture topics – which is more difficult said than done. Most of the websites that list essay topics haven’t updated their lists in years.

But there is still hope! There are three main ways you can get a list of great pop culture essay topics:

  • Dig deep on the Internet and try to find less popular websites that really update their topics. It will take your hours to do this kind of research, unfortunately. You will also expose your computer and your personal information to shady websites that may be operated by hackers. Whatever you do, don’t submit any personal information to any websites that ask for it. And never give them your credit card information!
  • The next thing you can do to find pop culture topics to write about is find as many academic papers as possible and read them, trying to find things the authors have missed. Unfortunately, this method is also pretty time-consuming. However, you can be sure that none of your classmates will write about the same thing, which translates to some extra points for you.
  • The easiest and safest way to get a list of pop culture topics is to simply get in touch with an academic writing company. Reputable writing agencies have writers who are most often degree holders. These professionals can easily come up with a list of topics for you. It won’t be free, of course, but don’t expect to pay too much. And the pop culture research paper topics are guaranteed to be original and interesting.

Examples of Interesting Pop Culture Topics for 2020

Whether you’re looking for the latest American pop culture topics or just for some easy pop culture argumentative essay topics, we are here to help. To make things are simple as possible for you, we’ve asked our most experienced academic writers to compile a list of the topics they think will work best in 2020. Here are our best recommendations when it comes to pop culture topics for essays:

Easy Topics for Pop Culture Papers

  1. The effects of feminism on the American culture.
  2. Can pop culture eliminate stereotypes?
  3. The contribution brought by pop culture personalities to the American society.
  4. Does American pop art influence world relations?
  5. How does pop culture influence romantic relationships?
  6. Is pop culture a danger to moral values? (one of the most interesting topics in pop culture)
  7. Here is how TV series teach you everything about neuroscience.
  8. Pop culture objects should be studied academically.
  9. Pop culture and social media.
  10. Pop culture and show business.

A Couple of Controversial Pop Culture Topics

  1. Pop culture promotes gender inequality.
  2. Popular culture vs. folk culture: which is better? (if you are looking for pop culture debate topics)
  3. The ways pop culture influences the behavior of American consumers.
  4. The negative effects of pop culture on teenagers.
  5. Discussing terrorism in popular culture actually supports it.
  6. Are you experiencing McDonaldization? (one of the best pop culture analysis topics)
  7. Pop culture and stereotypes.
  8. The effects of pop culture on our behavior patterns.
  9. Will pop culture increase its role in the society.
  10. Pop culture vs folk culture.

Most students are reluctant to write about controversial pop culture topics. However, you shouldn’t be one of them. These topics are actually one of the best you can find. Why? Because as long as you are eliciting a strong response from your audience, you are achieving your goal. Your paper will be memorable and will make people talk about it. And believe it or not, your professor will really appreciate this.

Of course, you should be very careful not to offend your audience. All your statements should be objective and supported by strong evidence gathered from authoritative sources. Remember to list all these sources in the Bibliography section (it is mandatory in academic writing) and to cite everything in APA or MLA style throughout the text.

Another excellent tip would be to get more than just a list of pop culture research topics from a writing company. One of its writers can help you with some invaluable ideas and can provide you with an excellent outline that you can use to write a breathtaking essay. Never underestimate the value of an experienced pop culture essay writer!

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