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Illustration Essay: Recommendations For Writers

illustration essay

The very word ‘illustrate’ means ‘shed light on’, so with an illustration essay for instance, you will use pictures, graphs and charts to enhance- or back-up your text. What is an illustration? It’s creating an image so that you’re able to communicate an idea.

You’ll need to describe or demonstrate a topic idea and then provide supporting facts so readers can imagine exactly what those items or situations are. You’ll find a host of different types of illustration in books, newspapers, posters and movies for instance.

Teachers realize the power of visualization and students understand topics better with examples. Teachers assign an illustration essay to students to show them how vivid ideas on a given topic can support the essays main points.

What is an Illustration Essay?

Essentially, an illustration essay definition is informative writing, with the goal being to demonstrate that something is as it says it is. Lots of examples will be provided to prove a point. The essay will highlight examples that support the thesis which you provided at the start of your essay.

The illustration essay, unlike an argumentative essay, doesn’t take a stand on a particular point. It isn’t about personal opinion but rather a provision of examples to illustrate.

If you’re overwhelmed with work and you just don’t have time, just chill as there are free illustration essay examples online. They’re an excellent guide as to what is expected of you with such an essay.

How to write an Illustration Essay

One of the important steps to writing a good essay is to first write an outline to get your thoughts into focus. With an outline, you decide which illustration essay examples you’ll include in your paper and also what information you’ll provide to illustrate the particular ones.

Also, you want to include a strong thesis statement which ensures you have a clear direction for your paper. An illustration essay online that you pay for from a writing service can be a quick way to help you have your essay delivered timeously. These illustration essay samples are written by professional writers that adhere to your essay requirements.

First things First – an Outline of your Essay

If you don’t have a clue how to come up with an outline, don’t stress. An essay outline generator is a helpful tool that allows the student to complete the thesis-statement-graphic-organizer and then with just a click, an outline for the essay is completed and the essay becomes that much easier.

The basic structure of the illustration paper is much the same as any other essay. When you follow an essay writing format, writing an essay needn’t be a dreaded task. There are basic steps to writing a successful essay –

  1. Pick a topic if you haven’t been assigned one. Illustration essay topics will give you a broad choice. Choose a good, familiar type of topic as this is key to a successful essay.
  2. Illustration essay topics can include the likes of:

    • The problem of global warming
    • The earth is running out of water
    • Your attitude can make you ill
    • Illustrate why procrastination is the thief of time
    • Bunking school and its consequences
    • The role money plays in people’s lives
    • Getting on with your new dorm room-mate
    • Illustrate the steps of applying at a college you fancy
    • Making friends with your classmates
    • Advice on how to have deeper sleep
    • Escaping a violent marriage
    • Is laughter really the best medicine?
    • Is Plastic surgery the route to feeling good?
    • Smoking will reduce many health risks
    • Europe’s most unusual attractions
    • Bucket list destinations
    • Succeeding in the stock market
    • Daring escapes of World War II
    • The best advice parents can give
    • Migrating birds – can they lose their way?

    These topics don’t present an argument but rather require you to include examples to help illustrate the point.

  3. Prepare an outline of your ideas.
  4. Write the introduction. This paragraph opens the illustration essay. It needs to attract the reader’s attention and show and also show the focus of your essay. The angle you choose must tie in with the thesis statement, which comes in the last sentence of your introduction.
  5. Write your thesis statement, telling your readers the point of your essay.
  6. Write the body. A body paragraph’s purpose is to support the thesis. Body paragraphs follow a format of basic sentence types – topic sentence, background sentences, research sentences, analysis and conclusion. You need to back up each paragraph statement in the body with examples which support your claim.
  7. Write the conclusion. The conclusion sums up all your ideas and then wraps everything up by giving a final perspective on the topic. Simply go over your essay, highlight the main points and without repeating anything, put them into your conclusion.

You’ll need more than one ideas to support your thesis. Let’s say out of the topics for illustration essay, you’ve opted to write about the earth is running out of water. Your list might include the following examples of what is causing such serious water shortages:

  • Crippling droughts
  • Massive population densities
  • Needless loss of water through leaks, bursts and faulty metering
  • Large dams producing ecological changes in river ecosystems

If you need to incorporate research into your illustrative essay, you will want to find appropriate samples from your sources. One might be the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). This region is the most water-scarce in the world, containing only l.4% of the world’s renewable fresh water. Population pressures are increasing the demand for water.

You will need to cite your sources in proper format – MLA or APA. You need to support arguments in your illustration essay so that the reader trusts you to be competent. Each time you use good ideas written by other people, you need to reference them properly.

Summing Up

Quality is such an important aspect of illustrative essay writing success. It plays a huge role towards the marks a student can expect.

Once the assignment has been completed it is ready to be submitted after it has been checked for plagiarism and errors. Then it’s a case of waiting for those good grades.

Take a break from writing.

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