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Guide and Practical Tips for Writing Psychology Essay

It is a well known fact: writing psychology essay papers is not something everyone can do. The topics in psychology are complex. The writing needs to follow all relevant academic writing standards – APA in most cases. In most cases, the psychology essay must explain or describe a specific, difficult-to-understand concept or idea. Truth be told, psychological essay writing is not the most pleasant activity for college students. In most cases, you may not even know how to begin a psychology essay. But don’t worry, we are here to help. Let’s see why it’s important to learn how to write psychology essays, take a look at the basic psychological essay structure, and then see how you can write excellent introductions and the conclusions. Of course, psychology essay tips are also included.

how to write psychology essay

Why Would You Learn to Write Psychology Paper?

Most students don’t really understand why it is important to learn to write psychology paper. The truth is that learning how to write any essay is very important. You probably envy your peers who manage to get an A+ on each and every one of their academic papers. But how do they manage to do it? The simple answer is dedication and experience. You can get top grades too if you learn how to write psychological essay papers. It’s not even as difficult as you think. And did you know that you can apply the things you learn from our psychology essay guide to other papers? That’s right; you can use these same principles to write a political sciences or a biology essay.

The Recommended Psychology Essay Structure

To learn how to write psychology essay papers, you must understand the structure of these essays. Psychology essays are written in APA style in the vast majority of cases. And the structure we always like to recommend to our readers is the five paragraph essay structure. Remember, even our professional academic writers are using this structure. Here is what it looks like in simple terms:

  1. The introduction – this part identifies the subject of the essay, defines all the relevant key terms, highlights all the major issues, and presents your thesis statement (or your main argument).
  2. The body of the psychology essay – this contains at least 3 paragraphs, each paragraph supporting one single important idea or explaining a single important concept.
  3. The conclusion of the psychological essay – this accounts for around 10% of the total word count of the essay and summarizes all the evidence and arguments presented in the paper, and then provides a strong call to action.

The basic psychology essay structure is not at all difficult to visualize. And in any case, we strongly advise you to create an outline (remember to include all the major ideas and talking points in it) before you begin writing.

The Psychology Essay Introduction

Let’s assume you have plenty of psychology essay topics to choose from and you don’t need any advice. In most cases teachers assign the topic to college students. What you do have to do with great care is write the introduction. This part can make or break your academic paper. It is the hook that catches the attention of your readers. Come up with an engaging intro and you’ve already won bonus points. The psychology essay introduction must start with a great “hook” that will instantly raise an emotion in the reader (any kind of emotion works). You then present some background on the subject and identify the main issues. Toward the end of the intro, you include your thesis statement, followed by a connecting sentence that makes a smooth transition to the first idea (first body paragraph).

The Psychology Essay Conclusion

This is another very important part of your academic paper. The introduction managed to hook your readers and they have read all of your ideas and arguments. Now it’s time to clearly weigh up all the evidence and convince the readers that your arguments strongly support the thesis. In other words, the psychology essay conclusion will summarize all the key elements of the essay and make it clear that the evidence demonstrates your thesis statement. It’s best to write the introduction and the conclusion last, when you know exactly what your essay is all about.

Tips to Write a Brilliant Psychological Essay

Here are some quick tips to help you write a psychological essay better and faster:

  • Read an exceptional psychology essay example online to get a clear idea of what yours should look like.
  • The best writers know all APA guidelines word for word, and you should too!
  • College students are not professional academic writers, but they can get some help from the latter for a price online.
  • Dedicate all the time it takes to write a brilliant introduction and an excellent conclusion.
  • Remember to start early so that you have enough time to write the paper. Never do a rush job!

These psychology tips and tricks will surely be of help, but don’t forget that you need to practice to get better at writing academic papers. Good luck!

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