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Writing Democracy Essay In A Nutshell – Top Writing Tips

democracy essay

One of the writing tasks you are likely to face in college is writing a democracy essay. Often, many students find it a huge challenge, especially if they come from a non-related area of study. This brings us to the primary question: “How do you write a great democracy essay?”

In this post, we are going to demonstrate how to craft a winning democracy paper. Because there are many topics in democracy, we will use the topic, “What are the Basic Principles of Democracy?” Here is how to how to go about it.

Get A Catchy Introduction For Your Democracy Essay

Just like other essays, your democracy essay needs to be carefully structured. You should use the introduction to grab the attention of the reader or the marker of the paper. Consider starting the introduction from a broad perspective and then narrowing down to your focus.

To make it even more appealing, consider throwing some statistics briefly. Finally, close the introduction with a thesis statement. This is your stand on the topic. Here is a sample introduction for an essay on “What are the Basic Principles of Democracy?”

“The term democracy is derived from two Greek words: demos– meaning people, and Kratos– meaning rule. Therefore, it means ‘rule by the people’, or ‘popular sovereignty.’ Today, there is a positive meaning in the entire world guided by the basic principles of democracy. This paper explores the five principles of democracy and the extent of their applications. Any democratic state that fails to adhere to these principles of democracy strictly sets itself for failure.”

Explore the Five Principles of Democracy in the Body of the Essay

After writing a catchy introduction, it is time to delve deeper into the content of the essay. Your aim is ensuring there is a clear flow as you discuss the basic principles of democracy. Here is a closer look at the five democracy principles.

  • The rule of law: This principle means two things. The government and its officials are required to obey the law. Two, the government can only punish people for disobeying only the written laws.

  • Equality: In democratic communities, this principle emphasizes that all people are equal. This means that they are valued equally and have equal opportunities no matter their religion, race, gender, ethnic group, or sexual orientation.

  • Political tolerance: Democratic tolerance is one of the important values of democratic societies. It means that while the majority of the people rule, the rights of the minority have to be protected.

  • Accountability: This principle means that elected or appointed officials are accountable to the people. Their decisions and actions must be in line with the will and wishes of the people they represent.

  • Human rights: Every democracy strives to ensure the human rights of all citizens are respected and protected. Human rights include the values that reflect human life and dignity. Such rights include freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and right to education.

When discussing the five principles of democracy, make sure to use examples and demonstrations of their applications. Cite examples such as suffrage rights, the law-making process, and court cases to demonstrate how the principles of democracy work. Also, use case studies from previous reports, journals, books, and essays to explain various points vividly. These publications have clear examples of the principles of democracy in real applications. Note that in such cases, you must properly cite and reference the sources to avoid getting punished for plagiarism.

Wrap the Democracy Essay By Summarizing Main Points

The last part of your democracy essay is the conclusion. Here, you should summarize the main points in one paragraph or two short ones. Make sure to explain the significance of your argument factoring the thesis statement you gave in the introduction. Remember not to introduce new ideas at this point.

Relax: Democracy Essay Can Be Interesting

From afar, crafting a democracy essay can look like a monumental task. However, this post has demonstrated how to go about it and get top-notch marks. But, what about instances when you are unable to complete the paper? These are cases when you lack the right skills to craft the essay, do not have ample resources; the deadline is tight, feeling unwell, or have other engagements. The answer is seeking help from top writing services.

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