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Writing a Perfect Cold War Essay

cold war essay

With America and Russia involved, the Cold War was a major event – a long period of tension between communist countries of Eastern Europe and the democracies of the Western World. Known as superpowers, America and Russia never officially declared war on each other, but fought in the space- and arms race as well as proxy wars. These were wars fought between other countries, with these countries getting support from one of these superpowers. The Soviet Afghanistan War and the Vietnam War are examples of proxy wars.

It is amazing to realize that the Cold War began quite soon after World War II ended in 1945, coming to an end with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Understand the Cold War Essay Question

Let’s face it, as a student writing a Cold War essay, it’s not going to be plain sailing, and what you write will be used to assess your progress. These essays test a range of skills and to write an effective essay, students must understand the question and its requirements before constructing a well organized response. Communism, capitalism, global power, leaders of the cold war and what is was that actually started the war, not to mention the rivalry between the USA and USSR are all areas of information to look at for a good Cold War essay. There is no doubt that a Causes of Cold War essay or Who won the Cold war essay will entail complicated details and will pose a challenge for students. However if this is your topic, it has to be done, and with all you’ve got, so you can get yourself high grades.

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You won’t have much trouble choosing cold war essay topics as it’s such a broad topic. The rivalry between the USA and USSR might be an interesting topic. Apart from Causes of Cold War essay, an interestesting topic could be ‘Building of the Berlin Wall and its Implications’, ‘Was the Cold War a result of a clash between Communism and Capitalism?’ or what about a ‘Was the Cold War inevitable essay?’ Many believe with better negotiation on both sides, the war could have been avoided. ‘Who won the cold war’ essay, What caused the cold war essay or How the cold war started essay are other interesting ideas. Was there a winner? You tell us in your essay. There were some interesting leaders in the cold war and you could talk about one of them – Gorbachev, Truman, Stalin or Ronald Reagan?

  • Some sub-topics could include –
    • How many proxy wars were there?
    • Which new wars started after the cold war had ended?
    • Which countries were the main players in the cold war?

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    Understand precisely what is being asked about how to write your cold war essay.

    • Think of the point of view you want to take, and in your introduction give an idea of the direction your essay will take. The introduction is often considered to be the most important part of an essay. Certainly, its the reader’s first experience of it. Aim for an introduction that is clear and punchy and get straight to the point.
    • Include a thesis statement in your introduction.
    • A thesis statement in this introduction identifies the topic being discussed. It belongs at the end of your first paragraph which is your introduction. You use this statement to generate interest in your topic. The thesis statement is a complete sentence that gives the reader the direction the essay will take.
    • A thesis statement for a cold war essay could be ‘Instead of violence, the cold war was fought politically and through propoganda’. To make your essay more interesting and maybe just a little provocative, provide a statement that is arguable. With articles like this one, you could be writing to persuade others to see things the way you see them or you could give strong opinions that you know others could feel differently about.
    • Write the body of the essay. Deal with different ideas in each paragraph such as what caused the Cold War essay, or ‘What brought the Cold War to an end’? There is so much information to write, you might be inclined to jump from one event to the next. Make sure your content follows logical progression. These paragraphs should contain an intense exploration of each idea, starting with a good opening- or topic sentence.

    Your final paragraphs will be the conclusion. The conclusion for cold war essay is made up by referring to the main points, touching on the thesis statement and ensuring no new information is included.

    Closing Thoughts for Students

    War- or history essays should adopt the views of a knowledgeable 3rd party – the student. You’ll be safe with writing one or two paragraphs. Remember that your cold war essay must be properly referenced, and information should have citations or references to reliable sources. This gives authority to your writing, but also provides the tutor with some insight into your research.

    All that is left for you to do is check your essay over and over again for spelling mistakes and wrong grammar. Once you’re confident about it, its a case of submitting it and waiting confidently for that A+ mark.

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