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Advertisement Essay: Writing Tips and Topics

how to write advertisement essay

Advertisements are everywhere, from the streets to your mobile phone. On average, people get to see up to 5,000 advertisements and brands in a day. More than 153 of these advertisements get registered in our minds. Advertisements are not just popular, but subconsciously, they form some of our thinking patterns.

Considering the popularity of ads and their importance, it would not be out of place if you are asked to write an advertisement analysis essay. It is commonplace for college essays. This advertisement essay will help you know more about how to write an essay on advertisement.

With advertisement analysis essay examples, you get to learn more about the world of advertisement. There are several ways to write an advertisement essay, from a rhetorical analysis of an advertisement essay to a visual analysis essay advertisement. You can learn about how to write them from our tips on how to write an advertisement analysis essay.

Tips On How To Write An Advertisement Analysis Essay

You do not need an advertisement analysis essay sample to write an advertisement analysis essay. With these tips outlining how you should write an advertisement essay, you can write a good essay. Follow these steps carefully and you will be able to familiarize yourself with these types of essays.

  1. Introduction

    The advertisement analysis introduction is very important. You need to catch the attention of your audience from the first word. Assume your reader has never seen the ad or know the product and include a description of the product and its history.

    The introduction of the advertisement analysis should be focused on the subject matter which is the advertisement. You should also point out how the advertisement paints the product as being better than any other product in the market. If the ad doesn’t contain any such description, it is not so effective. After you have done justice to the introduction, your next paragraph should contain the thesis statement.

  2. Thesis

    This part of the essay embodies the description of your point of view on the advertisement. The thesis of an advertisement essay tells you the message the advertisement conveys and how it conveys it. Your thesis should include the aim of the advertisement, whether to improve sales or to make customers carry out a particular action. You want to keep the part of the essay as short and as simple as you can. It should not be longer than a paragraph.

  3. The Body

    The body of your analysis should build upon your thesis statement, elaborating on various points of the advertisement and how they are used to achieve the aim of the advertisement. One of the details that would be included in the paragraphs of the essay is the set of people or group for which the advertisement was intended.

    You should also highlight the popularity and effectiveness of the ad. Why the advertisement was able to become popular and draw people is important in your analysis. The analysis of an advertisement will also have examples of the rhetorical appeals which are ethos, pathos, and logos. The ethos pathos logos advertisement essay part consists of how the rhetorical appeals are used to draw the attention of the audience.

    Logos pertains to the logical appeals of the ad, ethos describes its ethical appeal and pathos illustrates its emotional appeal. Any rhetorical analysis essay example advertisement should contain an analysis of the appeals. After writing all the points that you be reviewed while writing an analyzing advertisement essay, you can move on to the last point in the essay.

  4. Conclusion

    Your conclusion is the last paragraph after you have written all your relevant points in your analyze advertisement essay assignment. This paragraph should restate the key points you raised in your analysis in summary form. You should also state if the objective of the advertisement was achieved or not.

Following these steps and tips will help you write a great analysis of an advertisement even if it is a print advertisement analysis essay. Now that you know how to write an analysis essay on an advertisement, let’s look at advertisement essay topics that you can practice your prowess on.

Examples of Advertisement Essay Topics

You don’t have to wait until you have an assignment on advertisement analysis before you understand how to write it. You can practice with these topics and other sample advertisement analysis essay. Once you have seen an advertisement analysis essay example and practised the writing of advertisement analysis essays, you will not find it difficult when you have an assignment on it.

Some of the topics you can practice with are:

  • Analysis of a TV Advertisement
  • Selling Women on a King’s Length Advertisement Analysis
  • Advertisement Analysis of a Mermaid Advertisement
  • Advertisement Analysis on the Use of Women in Sport Advertisements
  • Accessing the Company Motive in Media Advertisements
  • Analysis of Vice Principals on HBO Advertisement
  • Advertisement Analysis of Coca-Cola Advertisements

Using the outlined tips and these advertisement essay examples, you can write an advertisement essay sample. You can also check an advertisement analysis essay sample online if you get stuck.

Difference Between An Advertisement Essay and An Advertisement Project

An advertisement project is quite different from an advertisement essay. A school advertisement project could mean in-depth research into an aspect of advertising. These projects are book advertisement projects. Advertisement projects in this regard are longer than an advertisement essay will be.

Advertisement projects could also be the practical execution of an advertisement. You can also be asked to do these projects in the form of coming up with creative advertisement project ideas. These ideas could be implemented in fun ways like the sales of a school play ticket.

Now that you know the difference between advertisement essays and projects, let’s look at how you can make your project ideas stand out above the rest.

How Your Advertisement Project Ideas Can Stand Out?

Devising great project ideas is not as difficult as you might think it is. You just have to put your imagination to it and keep the following tips in mind.

  • Incorporate the pop culture influence
  • Put cute animals in your ads
  • Do funny advertisements; everyone loves a good laugh
  • Freebies, Freebies, Freebies; not only will they help people remember the brand but it could also get their loyalty
  • Use puns; It stays in people’s memories
  • Add some street art to your buildings
  • Think outside the box. Do something unusual
  • Try jingles; those songs and words never really get old
  • Make use of innuendos; give people something to think about for a few minutes after seeing your ad.

Do not worry too much about how you can create an advertisement project. Put one or more of these ideas into good use and you will be able to do so without stress. Contact a writing service and ask for hep. Professionals surely know how to do it properly. Now you know how to write an essay on advertisements and create a great advertisement project.

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